10 tips to dramatically improve employee service

10 tips to dramatically improve employee service

1- The customer comes first

The customer must be the center of the business and be considered in all decision making even in those of departments not directly related to the customer.

All areas involved in the business and employees should take this into mind  in fact. is the key to the transformation process being carried out.

2- Listen

Active listening is very important in a company because it means success in terms of the customer experience. The best way to know what your customers want or demand is to listen to their needs.

Listen to
How to do it?

Whenever a customer expresses a complaint, listen carefully.
Empathize with the customer: this way we will be able to find the best solution.
Analyze the problem well and provide a solution that can be carried out successfully. Do not make false promises.

The importance of listening is key to maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship with the client.

3- Invest in training

Investing in training your team will bring many benefits to both the company and its employees. Which ones?

Invest in training
For the company…

Improvement in work processes:

Due to the same training, it is possible to improve work processes and make them more productive.
Training increases the knowledge and skills of employees so that it will become a more competitive and efficient company.

Improve your company’s culture: it is a way of being able to transmit the company’s culture to the employees and grow together.

Improve your company’s culture:

It’s a way to be able to transmit the culture of the company to the employees and grow together.
More job stability: employees feel valued and more confident about their work.
For employees…

Personal and professional growth:

The knowledge acquired through training will make the employee capable of facing new challenges and therefore he will gain security.

Happy employees: The employee feels valued since resources are invested in training for their improvement. This helps to create a better atmosphere and confidence within the company.
Company-employee integration: The employee’s participation in the company’s culture is improved.

10 tips to dramatically improve employee service

4- Encourage your team

“What is motivation? Motivation is the cause of movement, that which makes us advance towards an objective with the promise of improvement, of satisfying a need. »

It is important to promote a good atmosphere and motivation in the team. This requires a good leader, not only in terms of leading projects but also taking care of the personal side of the employees and their status within the company.

It is important as a leader to know the concerns, ambitions, goals of all employees to help them grow professionally within the company and maintain a motivating environment.

You can motivate an employee in different ways, although it is usually related to: salary, bonus, training, flexible hours…

5- Keep all promises

In order to create loyalty among your customers, whether they are internal or external, it is very important that the service promises made become a reality.

The trust you can generate with your customers will be fundamental for the development of your brand, without trust there is nothing to do. So we must pay special attention when fulfilling all that we have proposed.

6- Take action

Continuing with the LISTENING process, once we know what the clients require, we must act. Always trying to understand what the customer needs and providing the right solution in the shortest time possible.

7- Team working

Teamwork is very beneficial when working as it encourages creativity, cooperation between individuals, involves the group in decision making and improves confidence when working.

8- Take care of social networks

Social networks are the best channel for direct contact with the customer in real time, which is why we must take good care of them and give them the necessary attention.

It is very important for companies to be present in social networks as it will help the development of commercial activity as well as the company’s reputation.

9- Humanize the treatment with the client

The client must always feel that he is understood and appreciated. That is why it is very important to humanize the treatment with him, that it is from person to person.


10- Take care of your employees

Happy employees are happy customers

Taking care of your employees is going to be the key to optimal service quality. They are the ones who are going to show their faces and transmit the culture of your company.

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