13 strong tips to boost productivity like never before

13 powerful tips to enhance your productivity like never before

As entrepreneurs, we have all experienced at some point that moment when you sit at your desk and lose focus. You take your cell phone and check out the social networks, answer a few messages and visit your favorite sites.

You have a long list of things to do but you don’t seem to be very focused on it. Here are thirteen tips to increase your productivity:

Enhance your productivity

1. Exercise in the morning.

Entrepreneurs tend to work long hours and get stuck at the computer most of the time. This is an unhealthy lifestyle, so make sure you get some exercise. People who do some physical activity sleep much better. This will make you more productive the next day.

2. Do the tasks you least like first.

Every once in a while you’ll have unfinished business that you don’t like. They have to be done, so finish them first. If you leave them until later they will still be on your mind and affect your productivity.

3. Empower your employees.

When they feel like part of the team, the morale and productivity of the company will improve. You should not manage them, if there are situations where you are required to do so you obviously made the wrong decision.

4. Renounce social networks for your busness productivity.

Our culture has a fascination with what happens in other people’s lives. Checking out Twitter and Facebook is nothing more than a waste of time. Is seeing what others are doing more important than your business?

5. Finish the simple tasks as soon as they arise.

If an email or task gets crossed and you can finish it in five minutes, do it. If you put it all the way down the line it will end up taking you more than five minutes.

6. Leave the office.

Try to spend one day each week working outside the office.

We live in a world with cell phones, which makes it possible to work in different creative spaces while doing your homework. This will fill you with creativity and keep you from getting overwhelmed, so try to let your team members know about this.

7. Use technology and keep it simple.

There is probably an application or tool that can help us to better complete the tasks, and it will also allow us to be more organized as we navigate through the world of entrepreneurs. Don’t be afraid to try out new applications and see how it improves your productivity.

8. Fill up your gas tank.

You need time to eat and drink a lot of water during the day. Skipping a meal because “you don’t have time” is unforgivable. If you don’t eat and stay hydrated you will not have energy. This will cause your productivity to go down the toilet. Keep protein bars on your desk for those times when you don’t have time to go shopping.

9. Disconnect from technology

.When you really need to make a presentation or deliver an important report, eliminate all possible distractions. Turn off your email and direct your calls from the office to the mailbox.

10. Clean up your email.

Make emails such as newsletters, offers and promotions go somewhere that does not notify you. The less your cell phone rings (unless it is an important message) the less distracted you will be. These types of emails do not need immediate attention, check them later when you’re done with your day so they don’t interfere with your work.

11. Have a day of the week blocked.

I have found that having one blocked day each week allows me to finish all my pending. For example, designate Wednesday as this day and don’t schedule meetings or important appointments, your entire team will know that there should be no distractions, allowing your company to stay productive.

12. Work on Sunday afternoons.

Taking an hour this day to schedule your next week will not only help you be more productive, but will give you the ideal mindset to start your week strong. I spend an hour before I go to sleep planning certain aspects of my business, that gives me the preparation I need.

13. Systematize and automate everything.

Every move is part of your business, from your marketing process to your customer’s purchases and you must create processes to make each step easier. Is there any part of your business that slows you down and frustrates you? Find a way to make some things work on autopilot and it will free you from having that responsibility by making everything work better.


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