2 Things to keep in mind for web design

2 Things to keep in mind for web design

2 Things to keep in mind for web design

Before talking about web design, we should differentiate two steps that, at present, have been blurred.

1- there is web development. This factor has to do with the content or the possibilities offered by the web. It does not focus on what is visible, but on what is not seen at first sight, but the programming of the site and everything that encompasses its functions and characteristics. For example, database applications, e-commerce or content management systems.

2-Web design, on the other hand, can be defined as the visible side of the page. The structure, image and form would be the key elements that take into account this factor.

The main objectives of a website design are, in general, two: a good aesthetic and an optimal user experience, all with the sole purpose of communicating something to our user. In general, web design seeks to create a simple and perfectly explained design to cover these two objectives.

Get better RESULTS with your online strategy.

The importance of investing in creating a website lies in the fact that this is communication in its purest form. A good website should create an important difference in the user.

Transmit him something different that he can’t see in other websites, either because of the design, the usability or the good communication, and even because of the union of these three elements.

At this point, neuromarketing is becoming very important for web design. Anyway, getting a design that works is one of the most complicated points and the one that most requires the work of professionals who know how to think adequately about a web space.

The way in which we work this service must be done thinking about what we want to transmit of our brand as well as what we want to explain to the users.

It is important to be based on freedom and individual taste for this type of space, but always taking into account the brand image and what we consider essential for the user.

The reason is that we want them to reflect and personify a business, a name or a brand, that the visitors of the web know what is being talked about, how and who is the brand that communicates it with only a few seconds on the web.

Advantages of a great web development and design

However, on a practical level, it is important to ask yourself what to offer with a good web development and design. What does the web and the brand it represents gain?

The main thing is that it improves the user experience and, in today’s dynamic web, the user experience is everything.

Precisely, all the advances or changes made in design and development have to do with getting a better usability by the user, apart from a more significant enjoyment.

The experience involves from the moment they enter your page until they leave it. The ease they have to discover things, the coherence they find and how pleasant it can be for them.

But although the user experience is a very important factor to take in mind, the truth is that a great web development and design also offers many other advantages:

Connectivity with social networks.

A web correctly interconnected to social networks offers the possibility that all the communication that is emitted is more efficient and works with appropriate mechanics so that a greater volume of public receives it. And not only that, it also makes it easier for users to search for certain information more quickly and easily.

An important boost for SEO.

Once again, search engines reward a properly ordered and well-structured space. In order to appear among the first in search results, it is necessary to make an investment to get there. That’s why it’s important to have an orderly and professional page structure to make it easier for Google’s spiders to find pages and offer them to users during searches.

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