How to advertise on the internet for beginners.

How to advertise on the internet for beginners.

Internet AD. Internet advertising makes it possible to publicize a new company, brand, product or service, as well as convince the public of its purchase or consumption. It also has the advantage of being able to persuade millions of people around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, hence the importance of … Read more

The Five Most Common Entrepreneur Mistakes

The Five Most Common Entrepreneur Mistakes

Entrepreneur Mistakes Entrepreneurs usually develop their projects leveraged in their initiative, capacity for innovation and adaptation to environmental conditions, and the “indeclinable” desire to achieve what has been proposed as a business model. However, along the way, entrepreneurs make mistakes that we could have avoided, and that may be the reason for our failure in … Read more

Advertising (Advergaming) great way to promote business

Advergaming is here to stay

Andvertisement and games Advertising increasingly requires more creativity to reach the consumer and is continually looking for ways to not realize that he is consuming it. That’s why advergaming is here to stay. What is it? This concept arises from the combination of advertising and gaming, thus naming an advertising technique that uses video games to promote a … Read more

8 security steps for a Web Hosting

8 security steps for a Web Hosting

Hosting Web Have you ever wondered what the essential elements to maintaining a secure and protected web server are? Cybersecurity is a fundamental factor to avoid undue exposure of your data and files hosted on a hosting server. Protecting the hosting server infrastructure and the clients’ personal information hosted on your server should be your top … Read more


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