Great 2021 SEO Strategy

Define YOUR 2021 SEO Strategy

The keys to seo in 2021

There are no secrets or miracle recipes. If something works in marketing, it knows how to identify the needs of your customer -buyer person- (Not to be confused with your consumer person. For example, if you sell toys, you don’t care as much about the child as the parent, who pays for it).

SEO is not a technical gibberish far removed from that marketing reality: solving the problems or desires of the customer.

That’s why we need to have an SEO strategy, and it doesn’t have to be the same as another company. It has to be the one that works for YOU. It would be best to have an SEO strategy that adapts to your global marketing plan to give it coherence, strength, and meaning.

What’s going to work in SEO in 2021?

We’re going to launch a series of guidelines for you to apply without further ado. These are procedures that you can put into practice right away to solve your SEO problems and to implement best practices.

2021 SEO Strategy

Define YOUR 2021 SEO Strategy


What Google has done is evolve from quantity to quality. If your web and, in a deeper layer, your brand strategy does not follow that same evolution, you are left out of the game. Quality content, perfect. Instead of betting on that quality, you are inclined to do what you used to do (Abuse of low-quality links, SEO cannibalization.) GAME OVER.

Let’s analyze them one by one to reach a clear concept. But first, let’s see what Google is and what it is not.

Google is a company that provides a service. It has a consumer person (those of us who surf) and a buyer persona (those of us who pay for ads). To the extent that you have more traffic and queries from your consumer person, your buyer persona will be interested in paying to become visible in the search engine. This is your business model.

To achieve this, you need to think as your consumer thinks. The mechanics interpret what a person is looking for and return the results that best fit that criterion.

To do this, you have developed an algorithm that tries to qualify the pages concerning a search.

Imagine that that Robot that is Google enters your page with a question like how well this page responds to this search? To rate it, look at things like titles, image descriptions, tags… that’s the algorithm. But that algorithm did not give rise to accurate quality results but to artificial literary creations that sought to position rather than inform the user.

That’s why Google now tends to abandon the algorithm and become a neural network. Through millions and millions of calculations, it wants to learn (Artificial Intelligence) to think like people. It wants to feel what a person thinks in front of a text.

Evolution makes it value the user experience more than tags, links, or keywords. If I didn’t do it before, it’s because I didn’t have the technology to do it yet, but it was always the latent goal.

Now, he looks at other parameters: how long is that person on your web? does he click on other sites once in, or does he run away? is he comfortable surfing from his cell phone? Does he return to the browser after visiting your web to keep looking for the same thing? In short, does she show signs of having resolved her query definitively and satisfactorily?

If your website helps Google to make the person who is searching happy, you will be positioned.


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