3 fundamental tips for high-quality link building

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3 fundamental tips for high-quality link building

As we commented in this blog the type of really effective Link Building has changed a lot in the last year due to new changes in Google’s algorithm

Although in reality there is nothing to fear if we employ a communication strategy that seeks to improve the authority of the web in its sector, instead of a pure link building strategy.

We will give some recommendations to create a quality link strategy that is certainly effective, is what we from Posizionate use with great results.

3 fundamental tips for high-quality link building


This is the most important maxim nowadays, Google does not want artificial links so our strategy must be totally natural and by natural we mean:

Links from similar topics, if our website is about the world of the engine having a lot of inbound links from medical or construction websites for example would penalize us, because it is not natural.

A great variety in the link texts, having too high a ratio of inbound links with the same text is also detrimental, the ideal is variety.

Without leaving the theme of the text in the links, the logic has a much greater force than before, it is not natural to link us by: Economic Hotel NY, it is more natural (because it is more logical) that they do so for: a cheap hotel in New York, for example.

Let’s review some new tips that are of fundamental importance:


Masisive links from the footer and to a lesser extent from side menus are not as valuable and in disproportionate measures are detrimental.

The ideal link is located within the content of the page.
The context takes on a great importance that will increase, the text surrounding the link is important for it, related text, original, quality …


Planning and executing a strategy in Social Media is fundamental because it and SEO are increasingly unified.

Links from Social Networks also influence Web Positioning, and speaking of the three main Networks, their order of importance for SEO would be Twitter and Facebook,

From Xitsus in we offer a quality and natural service for Search Engine Optimization.

I recommend that you opt for new content, but of interest to your audience, opt for issues that are striking and important, try to opt for titles that do not expire in time, ie that these do not lose the validity, so that they are always being visited your web pages.

Since social networks are platforms that are in vogue, and are an open window for interaction with the public, my recommendation for you is that you include in each of your publications the address of your social networks, you can also use the strategy of including a link building in your networks, to bring your friends or followers to your page and thus visualize your content, also add to your website, buttons to share your content through different social networks and thus be viewed by a greater number of people.

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