3 great benefits for social network automation

3 great benefits for social network automation

Here are three more trends where we tell you about the benefits you can get from social networks and automation if you apply them to your customer service strategy. Let’s do it!

1. Social networks

They have become one of the most important channels for contacting companies. For this reason, a presence on the main platforms is essential:

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn top the list. In recent years, we have seen that contact in social media can build better relationships between company – customers. Not only does it strengthen the company’s image, but satisfied users will be more open to promoting the services or sharing the content of your organization.

Some of the facts that will mark the customer service via social networks are

Preference towards RRSS due to the speed of response and convenience. That is why a phone call will be mostly replaced by a direct message in any of the organization’s profiles.

Reviews/evaluations will be on the rise. Companies are forced to provide the best customer service as this will directly affect their reputation and consumer confidence.

Users will place more value on the company’s transparency and honesty. An empathetic relationship with the client and information available at all times will be the key to a recommendation or a positive review.

Our recommendation: take advantage of the data from the analysis tools to know who your customers are, this way you will be able to personalize 100% your answers.

2. All the power of automation

The use of Artificial Intelligence or AI is revolutionizing customer support. This is one of the most powerful trends since it allows to speed up the process of attention and resolution of doubts. This works thanks to the storage of customer data: preferences, main problems, frequently asked questions and context.

With these databases, agents can provide more detailed and accurate answers in less time. In addition, the initial investment of a CRM that manages the first contact during support frees up other expenses related to hiring and training extra staff.

AI-based customer service is active 24/7 and can be configured to provide support in multiple languages, allowing for greater geographic coverage and visibility of your business.

Implementing an automation software does not mean losing the human touch, in fact, the agent can make use of the information collected by the bots to close more sales, since with the exact knowledge of your customer you will be able to mitigate any difficulties during the purchase process.

3. The entrance of the Machine Learning

With automation comes machine learning, which refers to a data analysis technique that, based on algorithms, allows computers to find exact information without having to be programmed by a human. Machine learning depends on computers accessing data that they can learn and use themselves.

Similarly, data is collected on navigation, interaction with the website, time spent in each section of the website, purchase histories, reference sources, channels used by customers to visit our sites and other online behavior. Because of this, the level of personalization and attention is quite advanced.

Some of the advantages of Machine Learning for your customer service are

  • Personalization of the offer and recommendation.
  • Real-time support.
  • Solving product problems before they arise.
  • Helping the customer throughout their Buyer’s Journey.
  • Collect customer views to improve the delivery/user experience.


  • Buffer is one of the main tools used by social media professionals to automate social media publishing
  • Hootsuite is perhaps the best known tool for automating social media publishing.


As you have seen, you can harness the power of technology to optimize your customer Service and Support and, in this process, data will be your best ally.

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