3 profitable businesses in times of quarantine

3 Profitable Businesses In Times Of Quarantine

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We are living through intense moments of perplexity in the face of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The immediate concern of many is how severe the impact of the quarantine will be on their businesses.

Without a doubt, it is up to us to adapt to this new era of entrepreneurship: to generate businesses that are profitable for us and thus be able to make money in times of quarantine.

This epidemic caused by the COVID-19 attempted against our daily life. Many businesses are trying to survive in the face of the consequences of this virus, seeking to reinvent themselves and get used to the new demands of a market whose interests changed overnight.

The world as we knew it no longer exists. Adjusting to the new rules of coexistence between us and the coronavirus is indispensable.

However, experts in the area of business say that unusual situations like the one we are going through, are the ideal time to innovate and seek stability in our monetary income.

Creating opportunities

The coronavirus does not discriminate at the time of harm: it does not distinguish between social class and gender. The best strategy in the face of the panorama is to discover the immediate needs of the current market and offer solutions that have a return on investment.

Having this as a base, we proceed to generate possible business ideas that can be profitable at the moment we live and to a post quarantine.

It is the opportunity to take the initiative and create opportunities with the tools we have at our disposal.

So, considering the new consumption habits of the population, we offer six completely profitable business ideas in times of quarantine:

3 profitable businesses in times of quarantine

1- Online classes

The website is full of free courses, webinars, books and a wide variety of options on how to invest this new “free” time to improve as professionals, develop new hobbies, among others.

However, it will always be the preference of many to have a person available to correct, congratulate and accompany a student during the teaching process.

Whether designing an e-learning platform or giving individual classes through a video call, being a personal online instructor can make classes as interactive as the face-to-face mode.

Some examples of the learning alternatives that can be found through the web are guitar, English, singing, and acting classes, among others.

2- Selling of erotic toys:

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Contrary to what might be believed, local governments urge the population to practice virtual sex and self-pleasure.

The important thing is to maintain the principle of distance of at least one and a half meters.
Sex always sells, and thanks to social confinement, both couples who find themselves living together during quarantine and those who have to go through isolation separately have invited fantasies into their intimacy.

Singles also seek autoeroticism as an escape from reality.

After all, orgasms are beneficial to health as they allow for stress release and strengthen the immune system, among other goodness. In a way, you could say that they are opting for natural alternatives to fight the coronavirus.

Given this reality, there is an opportunity to market erotic toys and in you can start this venture from your home community, you can offer this service through an e-commerce. An alternative can be to create your own sex shop online or rent a virtual space on platforms where you can make the commercial exchange with total discretion and zero social interactions.

3- Online entertainment platforms

From concerts, fairs to conferences and conventions, the source of income for a wide sector of the market, were the events at small, medium or large scale. Because of COVID-19 one of the main measures to prevent and spread the virus was the banning of public shows where there was a high concentration of people.

Therefore, a new need is opened within the market: to continue enjoying the possibility of attending remotely to shows of the artists of your preference.

The premise for marketing an event platform is the experience of having easy access to the artist of your choice, with front row seats.

Whether as an investor or developer, creating a platform that offers the alternative of watching the actor, singer or speaker of your choice live from any device (tablet, computer or telephone) is a venture that you should not miss to make money through innovative solutions.

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