3 steps to create content and enhancing branding

3 steps to create content and enhancing branding

When we talk about content strategies or content marketing based on branding, we are talking about generating exciting or useful information for our clients, as a way of indirectly bringing them closer to our product or service.

Why is an indirect way? Because, unlike other digital marketing strategies, advertising and copywriting, the first goal is not to sell but to start the process of customer loyalty because we offer, in this case, the content you are looking for.

  • Content strategies are almost always designed to improve search engine optimization (SEO).
  • We create content with keywords that help google (or other search engines) to position our website in the first place.

This will always be important, and in that case, we recommend tools such as the Google Adwords keyword planner, Google Analytics and SemRush to create the keyword map you will work with and to follow up on the positioning of your website.

However, today we want to go deeper into designing content that prioritizes the reading of search engines and the reading of users.

Let’s see it with an example: a woman is looking for if she should travel while pregnant. She finds an article from a travel insurance company in which they explain the basic recommendations to be taken into account.

How did the company identify the valuable content to be developed?

The company’s journey to be able to identify what in marketing is called a “state of dissatisfaction” and be able to resolve it through content was as follows:

  • Visit websites, social networks, and forums where travelers (who are your potential customers) participate
  • Identify what kind of problems they have when traveling.
  • Think about how to provide the solution without walking away from your product.

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In this tour, the company found that pregnant women always had doubts about whether or not they could travel and what health problems they might have and verified that they did not always find an accurate or medically argued answer.

The company incorporated in its website the section “Tips for Travelers,” and there a subsection called “Tips for pregnant travelers” in this section began to publish: articles, infographics, and videos supported by the doctors of the insurance companies that marketed.

In this way, he created a channel with authoritative content that solved a need for information of a target that he was interested in approaching.

This example is important because, in that company’s process of looking for what kind of content to produce, it saw an opportunity to incorporate new values into its brand identity.

Before, they wanted to present themselves as a travel insurance broker that offered the user the opportunity to compare between different insurers in one place, but as a result of planning the content strategy, they found that they could include within their branding strategies, showing themselves as a company that seeks to ensure travelers, not only through the coverage of travel assistance, but also with the best recommendations, tips, and advice.

How to generate a good content strategy based on branding?

There is no guarantee that we will find the perfect content, but what we do have clear is all the aspects that you can take into account to try to generate valuable shares for your customers:

– Deepen your brand identity: Before going out to investigate what content your potential customers like, ask yourself: What values would you like to highlight in the content you will share?

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– Create the profile of your “Buyer Persona“: What is the ideal customer who will finally buy your product or service? How do you imagine the person who will buy your product or service, how old is he, in what area does he live, what does he do, what purchasing power does he have, what does he like?

– After the imagination, the data: Now you can go out and investigate what your potential customers are talking about. Visit networks, communities, forums where they are grouped. Check the metrics of your social networks and web pages to know which shared content is working the most.

– Don’t forget the competition: Analyze what valuable content the competition offers, which ones work, and what they need.

– Take into account the contents that are becoming a trend: For this, we recommend you to be aware of the news, trending topics, and most mentioned topics in the networks.

– Ask yourself if the content is related to your “Buyer Person” and to the value you are looking to highlight: The best strategy is to find the balance between interesting content related to our brand to generate a good partnership!

– Give yourself time to plan: Exploit the theme you found, organize and plan the content and think about the best format to share it: video, text, computer graphics, or others.

Let’s get to work! To create engaging and valuable content for our clients.

In, we help your business grow and take off with the best digital marketing strategies.


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