4 easy tips for content marketing on linkedin

4 easy tips for content marketing on linkedin

Today we want to talk to you about LinkedIn. Do you know this social network?

It has tremendous impact and importance.

I’ll tell you about it right away.

What is LinkedIn?

When we talk about LinkedIn, we are talking about an online social community where people looking for jobs and people looking for employees converge.

But, be careful! It is not a recruitment agency. It brings together businesses, companies, and people. People post their professional profiles. Employers and entrepreneurs add the shapes of their organizations.

And from there, countless enjoyable, productive and creative relationships can emerge. It has been ranked as the world’s largest professional and employment network.

4 easy and effective tips for content marketing on linkedin

How does LinkedIn work?

The first thing is to create your profile. Could you enter all the information they ask for? In this way, you are placing your CV on a network with a global character and reach.

In doing so, you begin to open yourself up to that whole range of contacts, which are related to you for one reason or another.

From there, you can promote your website. You can share presentations and all your content.

You gain tremendous visibility.

If you have a company, you can create a page for your company and share all the valuable content of your products, services, or ideas that you want to promote.

Do you know that this network has more than 500 million registered users?
How does LinkedIn help my brand?

Well, whether it is your brand or a company’s, LinkedIn allows you:

Make your brand known.
Attract traffic.
Get workers for your projects.
Keep you in very dynamic networking that is updated every moment.
Show your professional skills.
Meet suppliers for your organization.

Get a job, even if it is not a job search network. Many human resources offices go to Linkedin to look for candidates for vacancies.

Get clients for your brand.

  • Why is Content Marketing important on LinkedIn?
  • On LinkedIn, you start by creating your own or your company’s profile. What is this? Well, content.
  • So you need to know how to write the best content to build your profile.

I found 4 easy and effective tips for content marketing on linkedin

4 easy and effective tips for content marketing on linkedin

1-Do you know to whom you are creating content?

You don’t know how many times this has been said! The experts keep putting it first: Know your customer as you know yourself!

Without a doubt, by being on Linkedin, you can reach your target audience with valuable content. It would help if you did it very well and in a differentiating way so that you stand out from the competition.

Linkedin Pulse allows you to create your valuable content and make sure it doesn’t disappear. It stays there.

Precise what your audience wants and needs, write in those terms, and establish how to help them.

2-Develop attractive content with visual elements

On LinkedIn, users read, and they read long articles. Apart from the quality and value that you should imbue your pieces, you should also infuse them with color, design, graphics, infographics, videos, etc., that captivate and attract attention.

Inge Saez, an expert in online marketing and LinkedIn expert, points out that the best way to help your potential client is through the content you share on the network.

3-Be clear about your content’s intentionality

What am I writing for on LinkedIn – are you writing to create a niche, build a personal brand, or start a trend of thought? Or are you writing to generate leads to increase your sales?

Whichever option you choose, you need to be very clear about it. And if it’s both, even more so.

If you want to generate your niche or generate a thought trend, Neil Patel, entrepreneur, and digital marketing specialist, recommends that you publish content regularly and constantly.

This type of content does not initially help you generate leads. Still, it creates a space of authority, trust, and recognition. Therefore, when you decide to enter into the dissemination of content to capture leads, you already have a way to go on LinkedIn.

4-Aim to create spectacular titles

Above all, you have to create something you are proud of.

Richard Branson.
  • The title is the door or window for your user to click on your content and start reading it.
  • Make sure your title demonstrates usefulness and practicality.
  • Putting numbers in titles is effective.
  • With your title, you can start to differentiate yourself.

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