4 important tips for secure hosting

3 important tips for secure hosting

On many occasions we encounter problems in the Hosting and the pages of the clients that are given by a negligent custody of passwords, the lack of updating plugins, software…

This series of problems could be avoided by following a few simple guidelines that in addition to ensuring that the information we keep in our mail, server and even computer are safe will prevent problems of operation of our site.

Some of the basic recommendations that we always make to our customers are:

1- Keep the computer with which we access and work clean of viruses and malware.

Nowadays the most updated versions of Windows come standard with an antivirus and anti-malware software so we can keep our computer protected totally free.

If we are not convinced the programs of series we can unload a multitude of software as they are the avira antivirus or the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

2- Update the versions of the different software that we use in our Hosting.

Nowadays we find a multitude of tools that help us to maintain a web page, few are the sites today that do not work with Joomla, WordPress or other pre-installable software.

If we are users of this type of software we must keep in mind that new versions are continually released to improve not only the performance but also improve the security of our blog or website.

An outdated software is a door with a welcome sign for any malicious third party.

What is a MySQL Database for?

3- Update the different tools used.

The people who do not have much idea of programming have a real quarry of products that facilitate the life to the webmaster and that in addition they are totally free. We can find a multitude of tools that allow us to have a forum, a chat room, a rotator of famous phrases… and that help to give a more professional and advanced touch to our site.

As we commented in point two, this type of tools can also be a problem and a real security hole if we do not keep it updated to the latest versions of the same.

4- Responsible custody of the data of access and passwords of our mail, Hosting, computer.

Although it seems something of the most logical thing it is very easy to make a mistake and in a given moment to leave our password visible, not to modify it before exits of personnel in the company ….

It is necessary to consider that to leave the accesses neglected or to maintain a negligent custody is equivalent to leave the keys of house put in the lock.

Password security

At Hostinet we have another series of articles that can help you improve the security of your Hosting, website and computer.

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Do not use Pirate Plugins, especially in WordPress.

3 important tips for secure hosting
Nowadays, with the popularization of CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, it is very common that more and more users are looking for the most attractive themes and plugins to customize their websites.

In WordPress, all plugins that we can find in its repository are free, or at least there is a free version with fewer features than the paid ones.

As well as plugins, there are thousands of themes we can use for free, customizing our WordPress in an incredible way.

The problem with all this is that this free feeling makes many of its users are reluctant to pay when they see that a plugin or theme is not free.

There are plenty of sites from where you can download paid WordPress plugins and themes without having to pay for them, just like movies or music.

The problem is that if someone downloads a paid WordPress plugin from an unreliable site, for it to work without problems, the code of the plugin has had to be modified.

Then we are faced with the situation that “someone” has modified the code of a plugin so that we can use it without pay…. will have modified something else of that code?.

The answer is, don’t doubt it. It is more than likely that malware has been included with the intention of injecting malicious code into the site where this plugin or theme is installed.

In addition, the user may not even know that his site is infected, since in most cases the injected code does not destroy the website, but it can place links to other sites, send spam emails to registered users and a lot of other things.

That is why we strongly recommend that you never install any pirated plugin or theme.

We are using WordPress as an example because it is the most used CMS, but of course, this warning is for any Joomla!, PrestaShop, etc.

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