4 of the most important digital solutions for a retail

4 of the most important digital solutions for a retail

The digitalization of a retailer marks a before and after in its commercial trajectory. Adopting online tools allows you to optimize each of the phases of the sales process until achieving loyalty.

In this sense, 4 of the most important digital solutions for a retail are:

-Mobile Apps
-Delivery tracking systems

1.CRM systems for customer management

Today, only 47% of companies are gaining competitive advantages in the management of their customers. This is possible because they manage to centralize all the information they collect about them using CRM tools (Salesforce Research).

The digital solutions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allow to unify the records of the data generated in all the points of contact between the clients and the retail. In addition, these systems also automate communications and facilitate the personalization of messages by storing customer information:

-Contact data such as e-mail and telephone number.
-Profiles in social networks and websites.
-Updates on their online activities.
-Additional notes on their habits and preferences.
-In short, retailers can improve their sales processes thanks to the capabilities offered by digital CRM solutions in terms of:

Data unification
Process Automation
Message personalization

2.Chatbots for automated user care

It is estimated that by the year 2020, 85% of interactions between users and brands will be through chatbots (Gartner).

One of the factors influencing this growth is that the use of chatbots has reduced CPA (cost per acquisition) by up to 477% (HubSpot).

Chatbots are one of the most powerful digital solutions retailers can implement on their websites to communicate with their users.

These computer systems powered by artificial intelligence algorithms allow customer service automation at a surprisingly effective level.

A high performance chatbot is capable of providing commercial information about the retailer such as: availability and location of products in different stores, opening hours, answers to FAQs, among others.

Also, these bots can guide consumers in their purchasing process. All this without human intervention.

3.Mobile applications as multifunctional digital solutions

About 80% of consumers use chat apps every day (Greenberg). In addition, 53% of users prefer to trust those companies that can contact them directly via instant messaging (Nielsen and Facebook).

In this sense, mobile applications are very versatile digital solutions that adapt to the needs of each business, the preferences of each customer niche and the requirements of each strategic campaign.

As a result, retailers can create their own apps that fulfill a wide range of functionalities, beyond simple messaging.

Such is the case with IKEA Place, an augmented reality mobile application that allows IKEA buyers to see their products placed virtually in their preferred locations: reception rooms, bedrooms, offices, among others.

For the retail sector, one type of application that brings the most benefits is visibility or delivery tracking.

4.Digital delivery tracking solutions

Digital tracking solutions give retailers the ability to improve their logistics processes towards maximum performance. With this, the supervision of operations, route planning, control of goods and management of dispatches are activities that can be monitored from the same online system.

However, the benefit of tracking software goes far beyond internal logistics management.

A powerful delivery tracking system is also able to offer functionalities to customers. In this sense, buyers can perform the following actions:

-Monitor in real time the transport of products they have purchased online.
-Know the identity of the transporters in charge of delivering the products.
-Maintain direct and constant communication with the retailer.

-Leave opinions, comments and suggestions. As well as to value the purchase experience.

The digital solutions that a retailer implements to improve its sales process must always have a customer centric approach.

In this sense, tracking software is vital to empower shoppers with the information they want and need about their purchases. Only then can they have a highly satisfying experience, which helps boost sales and loyalty rates in retail.

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