4 specific recommendations for writing sales texts

4 specific recommendations for writing sales texts

To develop your online business, I recommend keeping different factors in mind, as many of them will be decisive in your sales.

For example, if you ask me when it comes to content marketing, you will have to use different formats and, above all, write good sales texts.

I see very often on our clients’ websites and shops that they tend to focus too much on the visual part, forgetting the textual part.

The visual is indeed the main attraction, but it is not everything when attracting users.

An image is not enough to make a purchase decision; we need to know in detail the characteristics of what we will consume.

Do you know the structure of the texts that sell and close purchase processes? In this article, let me tell you how to achieve the perfect balance in your sales texts.

Even though users are increasingly consuming more and more video content, the text content will always be necessary on a website to provide factual information and encourage potential customers who are hesitant to buy.

"Writing professional sales copy on a corporate or eCommerce website is what makes the difference for the user when they are about to make a purchase."

Keep in mind that, although at first glance it may not seem so, a website carries much textual work focused on the sale in different sections, such as:

Calls to action.
Value proposition based on benefits.
Contact details and contracting conditions.

Therefore, we are going to look at:

4 specific recommendations for writing sales texts with coherence and persuasiveness:

4 specific recommendations for writing sales texts

1) Attractive title

The title that you use in your service sales pages, or each product is an eCommerce, is one of the main recommendations for writing sales texts, claim that has to work as a hook.

"In texts that sell, titles must be informative, but always from an attractive approach."

Therefore, your headlines should inform users of what you are offering to get the maximum clicks and lead them to conversion.

For example, if you have a unique feature in your business, don’t hesitate to highlight it in your headlines, whether it’s immediate delivery, high quality, or a popular product.

2) Concise and credible description

The sales copy in the description is the second chance your page has to persuade the user, so avoid putting too much emphasis on convincing at all costs (it could come across as desperate).

"Like headlines, descriptions need to show truthful information to convey credibility first and foremost. 

Also, think that users research before making a purchase, and don’t want to spend hours reading text, so your descriptions should get to the point.

3) Storytelling

The fact that information must be truthful and credible does not mean that you can’t be creative when explaining your value proposition.

Suppose you have ever wondered how to write texts that sell more for your website or online shop. In that case, you will surely have realized that appealing to emotions is a highly effective neuro-sales practice.

"It is much more effective to approach your target audience through real stories and experiences of your brand than through numbers."

After all, no matter how much you back up your arguments with fundamental statistical data, they will always come across as too cold when shown independently.

4) Real benefits

Another way to write copy that sells is to put descriptive features on the back burner to highlight the benefits above all else.

"Highlight on your sales pages the potential benefits of your offer. Those that solve your buyer persona's most everyday problems".

For example, if you offer a small product, do not limit yourself to describing its dimensions, but rather highlight its advantages to be transported or stored in any space. On the other hand, if it has large sizes, describe it as robust and sturdy for a specific function.

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