4 steps to definitely increase your web usability

4 steps to definitely increase your web usability

One of the main effects that Internet browsing speed and web usability has brought to our lives is impatience.

We want everything immediately and waiting can be the worst torture because what happens when the page takes more than three seconds to load, the information is unstructured or the design is a mess? Usually, a growing anger and distrust emerge and you inevitably go to another website.

Well, the vast majority of people follow this pattern of behaviour. Therefore, for your business to be able to grow online and therefore attract new customers, it is vitally important that the user experience or usability is excellent. In order to achieve this, in this post we give you some tips to make you an eminent in the field of usability of your website.

Increase the web usability in 4 steps

People are emotional beings and, although it may seem incredible to you, most of our reactions and decisions are governed by the feelings, intuitions and sensations conveyed by the people, situations and objects we encounter every day.

The same goes for deciding whether to continue browsing a website or not. Web usability  has a lot to do with it, so we recommend that you follow the following tips to increase it:

Give the user everything done.

Simplicity is a value that generates in others the feeling that you are close, trustworthy and have a clear mind.

In short, simplicity makes life easier. That is why, if surfing your website does not involve any intellectual effort for your audience, they will stay and inform about your services or products and, of course, they will become customers.

Bet on minimalist web designs.

Directly related to what was described in the previous paragraph, this tip aims to avoid stressing your potential customers when they browse your website.

Achieving this is complicated because you have to reach a balance between showing everything you offer, but without overwhelming. The key is to always keep in mind that the customer comes to your business looking for a solution, if possible quickly, not the problem of feeling frustrated at not being able to cover everything you describe on your website. Therefore, diaphanous designs are one of the wisest decisions to expand your business.

Highlight everything you want it to stand out.

In many cases, it happens that the links in the texts are not differentiated from the rest, nor are they call to action.

Therefore, if you want to attract customers or direct the attention of the public that accesses your website, mark the way. This way, you will have guaranteed conversions.

If your business is an e-commerce, take in mind that

It is vital that you take into account that there is still a significant majority of users who take much longer than you to follow the different steps to purchase a product through the Internet.

Therefore, the time in which the different windows are available should be around 30 minutes. This way, the session will not expire every two or three days and the user will not have to repeat the same steps over and over again and even give up.

In short, web usability is essential for the growth of your business on the Internet and the acquisition of customers. Everything that is attractive, clear and intuitive captures the attention of the public, who feel comfortable to move around your website and become interested in your services or products. So, what are you waiting for to become the problem solver for your target audience?


We hope these tips will be helpful to you. Remember to put them into practice and evaluate the results

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