4 Techniques for Customer service.

4 Techniques for Customer service.

let’s get down to business. here are some great customer service techniques. Let’s get to it!

Customer Service Techniques

Live chat: Chat has become a very popular digital customer service this past year. It is composed of several features, considering that it must be real-time and conversational, just like telephone answering. It can be attended by an agent or by a robot.

Email: When you provide information by email, customer service can be greatly benefited, although in these cases you must take great care of writing skills, as they are very important.

Email is still one of the most used and effective customer service models. The advantage is that emails allow you to be very personal, as well as precise and well structured.

Telephone: This is the traditional means of customer service and the one preferred by customers when the problem to be solved is important.

Compared to the other techniques, the great advantage of telephone customer service is that the operator allows him/her to empathize with the customer, identify his/her real need and generate that emotional connection that is so important sometimes for the customer.

Web forms: Every website or app should have at least one customer contact form. When this is not the case, it can even generate distrust and lack of closeness. Web forms allow you to make a query or complaint without leaving the page you are browsing.

Social networks: When the customer wants a quick response, if the live chat is not available, then this is the customer service model to be addressed: social networks. In order to get a quick response. Therefore, in these cases, it is best to offer quick responses through this channel.

Elements of customer service

1️⃣ Information / Advice.

The first phases of any purchasing process are very important in order to close the sale. Customer service, plays a prominent role in this part of the process. Because when customers realize the need to buy, they seek information and advice.

This is our first opportunity to provide customer service information and encourage them to continue their buying journey with us.

Your customer service role is to provide channels and means necessary for the customer to resolve all their doubts and objections.

2️⃣ Product quality.

These are the questions that a good customer service concept must answer:

Did the product work the way the advertising said it would?
Did the product perform as expected?
Does the product or service conform to a known standard of quality, e.g. AS/NZ standards, ISO standards, government standards?
Are the features of this service or product what I thought they would be?
Does this product or service work the way it is supposed to work all the time?
Does this product have a useful life that matches my expectations?

3️⃣ Attitude effect.

A customer’s perception of service depends largely on the attitude the employee displays when providing service. Below I will summarize for you some elements related to attitude and the effect it generates on the customer.

Concern: When interacting with the user, we must show concern for his problem.
Congeniality: Matching the environment, appearance and posture of the staff helps customers to perceive that the service is good and to trust.

Civility: Using rude language and aggressive body language are obvious destroyers of the concept of customer service.
Convenience: Traveling a long way, having to fill out forms in triplicate, going through several people, or simply being on hold for five minutes are indicators of poor customer service. Don’t waste the customer’s time

Follow-up: Concern even after the purchase is highly valued by customers. Through a phone call, email, web survey or the use of loyalty schemes ensures that the customer believes they have made a good purchase or will be able to correct a mistake immediately.

4️⃣ Price.

Price is part of the value proposition and also part of the service. the goal is to offer a price that seems fair to customers. The better the service offered, the higher price the customer will be willing to pay. Therefore, there must be a balance between the price and the service provided.


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