4 Trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2022

4 Trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2022

Trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2022

Everything to do with leisure and consumption in the home is a big winner.

We spend much time at home, and our outings have been reduced. And with restrictions in the leisure and restaurant sector, we are increasingly equipped to spend more time at home – read on for the first of our trends for entrepreneurs!

So we will see new developments and giant developments in everything to do with the food delivery and food tech.

Many restaurants that have implemented food delivery have seen a great opportunity in continuing the business. 

4 Trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2022

Some have created new business models with semi-prepared food to finish at home, while more elaborate cuisine proposals have also been developed for those special days.

We also invest more time in decorating furniture and even small do-it-yourself arrangements. Everything to do with online sales of these products and services is experiencing a boom that will continue to grow.

Spending more time at home means we want to be more comfortable, so we buy fewer new clothes but invest more in clothes to be at home. 

He circular economy is being helped by buying and selling apps with the release of used objects that are no longer useful to us.

And as we spend more time at home, we also have more time, so subscription business models that offer us activities for that free time will also become a trend. 

These include film, television, books, and microlearning. Nor can we forget the hobbies we can do at home.

We buy everything online, and there are great opportunities in niche markets that require a specific specialization that the big platforms are not able to cover.

The golden age of e-Commerce is upon us.

We buy almost everything online. Those who were more reluctant to implement eCommerce in their business models have been forced by market imperatives.

The UK eCommerce market went from 20% at the end of 2019 to almost 35% by mid-2020, a figure that will mark the second of our 2022 trends for entrepreneurs.

Telemedicine will be our solution on many occasions when it is absurd to make journeys and wait in queues for certain types of mechanizable consultations. Read on for our trends for entrepreneurs!

E-learning is everything

If you have to keep one sentence from this post, it is this: “in times of machine learning, the only way to stay relevant is to be a learning machine.”

The only thing we know that is constant is change (and now more than ever), so we have to keep our profiles updated and ready to provide human capital.

Before the pandemic, the consultancy Research and Markets predicted that the online education market would be worth $350 billion by 2025. It is expected that after updating this data due to the effect of the pandemic, the figure could exceed more than $500 billion.

Unsurprisingly, distance, telepresence, or online learning has been a constant in 2021, but in 2022 this is not going to change. What will change is how we consume because we will demand more microlearning for just-in-time consumption. If I need to learn something and I have the time, I want to do it.

ESG Investing

A term in venture capital investment called ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing describes a type of investment in projects that incorporate environmental, social, and governance factors into decision-making.

This is one of the main trends for the coming year, with investors investing $45.6 billion in sustainable investments in the first quarter of the year.

As a result, ClimateTech 2.0 looks set to be one of the standout success stories of 2021 thanks to new IoT-enabled business models, as well as better data and an acceptance that a solely energy-focused approach will not achieve the emissions targets set for 2050. 

This is a shift from the previous ClimateTech cycle, which focused solely on energy and how climate considerations can be incorporated into a broader range of sectors, including fintech, agritech, transport, energy, manufacturing, and construction.

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