4 tricks to increase web traffic

4 tricks to increase web traffic

SEO tricks to increase web traffic

1.- Improve the CTR

We understand by CTR as Click Trough Rate or, what is the same, the click rate that generates a link with respect to the times that it is shown.

The CTR as we are going to approach it in this article is the one obtained in the search results. When you have a website positioned in Google and users, after making a search, see your result, they are generating impressions and clicks. The CTR in this case would correspond to the impressions generated between the clicks.

Why does optimizing CTR increase web traffic? It’s basic, the higher the CTR in your results, the more visits you get to your website. On the other hand, CTR is a very important factor in web positioning, and if you improve it, you can get even more traffic.

Google tends to improve the position, or at least maintain it, of those results that enjoy a good CTR. For example, if you have a page in third position on the first page of Google with a highly searched keyword, it is likely that you will receive a large amount of impressions from the start.

If from all those impressions you barely get any clicks, Google will determine that your page is not relevant or does not offer what users are looking for, therefore it may drop some positions.

If, on the other hand, you have a title, a meta description and an optimized snippet, you can get more clicks and thus increase the CTR. Google will notice that your page is relevant and useful to the user and is likely to improve their position, thus increasing the likelihood that they will make even more clicks.

⬆️ CTR = ⬆️ SEO = ⬆️ Web Traffic

2.- Loading speed

The time it takes to load a website or a specific page is fundamental, both for web positioning and for the user’s experience. Both are related to each other in a very direct way.

When we talk about optimizing the loading times of a website we talk about working the WPO. The better optimized a website is, the better loading speed it will have and this allows us to get more visits through the factors I have talked about in the previous lines.

Google itself states that an increase of half a second in the loading time of its website reduces 20% of web traffic. If this affects Google like this, how will it affect you?

Think about it, Google wants to offer the best to its users and that’s why it will show above those pages that take less time to load.

If your website takes too long to load, Google won’t penalize you, but it will show other results above yours. If you optimize the loading speed of those pages that you want to position, it will be more likely that you will go up in the ranking and therefore, increase your visits.

‘WPO’ stands for Web Performance Optimization. It refers to working the loading times of a website or page to be as low as possible, ie when you access a website it shows all the content in the shortest time possible.

3.- Internal linking – Interlinking

Another SEO factor that must be taken into account in On Page SEO strategies is the internal linking or intelinking. It is a matter of creating links that lead to other pages of your own website, transferring authority between them and creating an internal link structure that is as complete as possible.

In a direct way, linking to our own pages or articles can be beneficial for the traffic with a very simple reason: you complement the information you are showing with other articles and give the possibility to your readers to browse more pages, getting more page views.

Make your web visitors browse more through your site by improving internal linking” quote=”Make your web visitors browse more through your site by improving internal linking
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In a less direct way, using an appropriate internal linking strategy we can increase web traffic by improving the SEO On Page of your page. This is because the internal links of a website help Google to crawl a page much better.

Each page derives the links that have in it the so-called link juice, and those pages that receive more links improve in authority. Therefore, a complex and careful internal linking can improve the authority of the web on a global level, distributing the link juice all over the site, taking advantage of the authority of the different pages.

4.- Long tail

Another SEO factor to increase the visits to your website is to work well with long tail keywords. For those of you who do not yet know the term ‘long tail’, it refers to long tail keywords. That is to say:

Keyword: ‘lawyer’.
Keyword long tail: ‘labour lawyer in Madrid’.


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