4 types of technical support you can use successfully

4 types of technical support you can use successfully

Can you imagine what would happen if there were no people in the world with the ability to provide technical support for any element or computer tool? Everything would be chaos! Health, transportation, education, and many other sectors of the economy would collapse since 90% of the tasks we perform daily require this industry to thrive.

But this is not all; in the business world, it is estimated that companies invest around 40% of their capital in technical support services, which currently is approximately a world investment in IT services will be US$733.9 billion.

In this sense, technical support becomes one of the many things that we need to know and that invest great professional value in our curriculum.

But what is technical support, and what is its base? According to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, technical support is an area of computer science that assists users who present some problem using a product or service, be it hardware or software problems, of any electronic device.

In other words, it is nothing more than providing support, as its name indicates, to a machine or digital device that is failing, through different means, in order to provide a solution to the problem.

Types of technical support:

Depending on the complexity of the problem presented and/or the client’s need to cover, it is possible to carry out a specific type of technical support through different means.

However, there are four most common fields through which technical support is carried out and in which this type of service is divided. These are:

On-site Technical Support:

As its name indicates, this type of technical support is executed in the place where the computer equipment is located and can be performed to the hardware and/or software.

Among all the existing ones, it is considered the oldest because remote assistance was not viable in the beginnings of computing and programming.

However, the antiquity of its application does not make it the best or lesser type of technical support, since nowadays it is possible to provide this service with equal and greater efficiency through distance.

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Remote Technical Support:

Thanks to the advance of digital technology, it is unnecessary to have a technician present where the electronic or mechanical device is located to provide a solution to a problem.

Through telephone lines, the internet, or any other type of contact, it is possible to solve a hardware and software problem following the indications of an expert.

Due to the efficiency offered by this service, the vast majority of organizations dedicated to selling computer products or services choose remote technical support as an alternative to help their users repair problems efficiently and in a short time.

Online Technical Support:

In the ICT field, this type of technical support is the most used by experts in the area, thanks to the possibility of being able to observe, from the place where the computer equipment is located, the exact problem that is present.

How does it work? Simple! Both computers (the users and the technicians) must be turned on, have a remote desktop application installed, such as TeamViewer or BeAnywhere, and have the tool open to performing the task.

The user must send the technician the ID code and password provided by the program to connect with the partner.

It should be noted that remote technical support through desktop applications allows access to remote computers and the transferor synchronization of files.

Online Technical Support:

To access this type of technical support, it is sometimes necessary to be registered on the platform or website of the company that will provide the service. In the smallest of cases, request the “Online Chat” or “Chat with us” section.

As with remote technical support, online assistance works by following the instructions of experts who, through messages, send the step-by-step instructions that the user must follow in order to solve the problem correctly.

More tips to improve Technical Support: HERE.

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