4 UX Design Trends to Dazzle Users in 2021

4 UX Design Trends to Dazzle Users in 2021

Knowing what is UX and UI will help you understand the trends in design and that they don’t always have “completely new” concepts, sometimes good practices are rescued… and that’s the beauty of design!

Making a mix of the best in usability and the new in UX/UI will allow you to be one step ahead as an experience designer.

So, what are the UX and UI design trends 2021? Find out in the note 😉.

4 UX Design Trends to Dazzle Users in 2021

1. Dark mode

One of the most popular design trends for this 2021 is dark mode. If you noticed, brands like Instagram, Apple and Android already offer “dark mode” to their users as an interesting UI alternative.

Here are the reasons why this UI design trend will be the talk of the town in 2021:

  1. It highlights and makes different design elements stand out.
  2. Saves device battery power.
  3. Reduces eyestrain in low-light conditions.
  4. Growing trend in UI development for desktop and mobile designs.
  5. Working with this option gives the user the possibility to choose when they want to use the dark mode.

2. Soft shadows

layers and floating elements as a UI design trend
One of the innovations that will become a UI design trend in 2021 is the intensity of shapes and layers in web design. Want to simulate the creation of a 3D element; but with a softened effect? Soft shadows and floating images evoke positive emotions and feelings in design. This type of UI design shows depth in the elements and makes any web page look slightly as if it was created in 3D.

Note that this trend is not only applied in UI but also in UX (text, images and videos).

UI design experiences 2021

In 2021, UI/UX design companies will start to actively use layering to place elements on top of each other and apply soft shadows to show enhanced depth in interface design.

This combination will definitely give the possibility to create a drawing effect and a feeling of graphical lightness moving away from classic, flat designs.

3. Convincing storytelling, the new UX trend

This UX design trend will gain more strength in 2021 along with the best tools to design experiences.

In 2020, UX focused on understanding the user and their journey on a website; but that is no longer enough for next year.

Now the conversation will need to focus on compelling storytelling – as a foundational piece – in ecommerce products.

It’s important for any UX designer to be familiar with the business and marketing aspects of the products they are creating.

This new UX trend for 2021 will be popular because:

  • It allows you to create connections and closeness with users.
  • It transfers brand emotions through a product in the most informative and creative way possible.
  • Good storytelling will make the brand memorable.
  • Focusing on the value the product offers will help you create engaging content.
  • Personalized experiences through the commercial content proposition turn the user into satisfied customers.

4-Minimalism or empty space in UX/UI design 2021?

Minimalism was a very present trend in mobile applications and web pages in UX/UI design; but for 2021, empty spaces will be the talk of the town.

Remember that when elements fight for users’ attention, none of them wins; that’s why “empty space” allows you to consider spaces in UI design so that anyone can be receptive to your messages and products.

There are micro and macro empty spaces, text and paragraphs (UX design) and both can be active or passive.

Considering empty spaces in UX and UI design allows users to process information with greater understanding.

It’s a very cool idea to make a product or info stand out, now you just have to keep in mind the rules that you shouldn’t break if you are a UX designer.

“Nothing is something” (sometimes).

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