5 powerfull ways to add value to your customers

5 powerfull ways to add value to your customers

Customers: Change is in the air, and as we have seen, several factors influence the growth of companies all around the world.

While economic trends have been highly variable and risks have also been imminent, consumers are constantly changing and it all comes down to connecting with users.

So to add value to your company towards 2020, one of the biggest challenges will be to adapt to change, to generate confidence among consumers, since confidence is the basis of success and generates engagement among your users, but also manages to reach potential customers because of the recommendations.

5 ways to add value to your business this 2020

1. A new marketing strategy to attract prospects

It is already known that the current generations do not trust advertising, so it is necessary to find a way to provide potential customers with extra value, something that is useful to them and that they decide to become.

Inbound Marketing can be an excellent way to connect with prospects who really need your products and services, inform them and thus improve the performance of your sales department, generating new loyal customers to your company.

2. The new salesperson is the consultant

Nowadays consumers are looking for information, advice to find the best solutions to their problems and not simply to be sold.

That is why salespeople must now act as consultants: to identify the right potential customers, to connect with them and to ensure that your products or services will help them by exploring their needs and advising them along the consumer’s journey and beyond.

3. Satisfying your customers

Many companies are unaware of their real level of customer satisfaction, as they only perceive it, but do not know how to perform this metric.

An NPS study will allow you to know in depth the perception of your clients regarding your brand, and of course, this will help you know which aspects to improve, and at the same time you will know how likely they are to recommend you.

This 2020, your customer satisfaction must be one of your priorities

4. Integrate each area of your company

According to Alan Valderrabano, many times companies fail to deliver from one area to another because an identity is given to a product or service, but when consumers decide to go ahead and talk to a consultant, the experience changes because the sales department does not get feedback from the marketing department.

Closing this gap is very important to align the expectation of a prospect and make sales receive increasingly qualified contacts.

5. Integrate tools that help you control information and automate processes

Having the right tools will help your team be much more effective, from CRM, Marketing Automation tools to customer satisfaction measurement tools.inkedin


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