5 reasons why your store does not sell

5 reasons why your store does not sell

why you’re not selling enough. I mean, why isn’t my store selling? What am I doing wrong? Am I to blame?

What’s the problem? Here are some typical problems that we have encountered over the years and with which, perhaps, you can identify if you also find yourself in this situation

My customers don’t buy me

It is much easier to launch an online store when you have a traditional business already set up because, on the one hand, you are sure that the products you want to sell have been selling for years in your store,

you are in front of customers every day and you know how to express correctly the benefits of the products or services you sell to your target.

And on the other hand, you have set up, albeit in a rudimentary way, a customer base that can allow you to start your online activity with the most assets you can have.

The greatest asset of a business is a list of customers and is not a list of “potential” customers, so one of the reasons that may explain that your store does not sell enough is because you are not just setting up an online store, but, you are setting up a business. And, therefore, you still have a long way to go to capture and seduce a decent number of customers.

There are a lot of people right now who are unemployed and who believe that setting up a business on the Internet overnight is the solution.

The initial investment is very low and the truth is that it can be an option, as long as one is prepared to do this.

Here the preparation is twofold: it is a preparation for business management and also a preparation to correctly understand the characteristics of a digital channel.

One of the important issues that you must take into account before trying to sell is to reach the Minimum Viable Audience and this is the minimum number of people necessary that you can have, for example, behind a blog, before considering launching products on the market that can meet the needs of this group that you have identified.

I have no previous experience in online stores

An online store business is a business that is based on stock management and logistics and there is an important cost section here, which directly impacts your cash budget.

Why do small businesses disappear?

Most small businesses tend to die from cash flow problems, because stock management is poor; you will have to buy your products sooner and often, if you take too long to sell them, there is a financial management of working capital that is key to the success of your business.

The relationship is the key.

We are talking about retailing, so contact with the customer is essential and if you set up an online store you must also be clear that you will normally work in a very small structure, perhaps working alone and in some cases from your own home.

It is necessary to work a lot on relationships with your clients and audience in general, since you have to make up for the lack of such an impersonal medium to win them over. Forget about competing just on price, there will always be someone who can lower it a little more.

No one visits my store

First of all, calm and patience. You have to have reasonable expectations: you can’t expect sales in two weeks.

If you already have a list of customers that you can contact to tell them that you have just launched an online store, in this case you can expect sales in the very short term, but in digital channels, the positioning of your store will take at least a few months.

If you only bet on one store and no other tactics to generate traffic to the store, it will be difficult to make your first sales. Nobody knows you and, surely, what you sell is already sold by others. Why would they come to you?



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