5 tips to boost online chat service.

5 tips to boost online chat service.

Customer service: A channel that can make the difference between a purchase and a lost sale.

You never know where a customer is going to appear, therefore, having various customer service tools is essential so that those who have managed to reach our door, do not turn around and leave because they were not attended.

The online customer service chat is like those waiters who are at the door of the restaurant and invite you to enter or to resolve any questions you have about a menu: When we are looking for a place to eat, on many occasions, we pass undecidedly through the door of several restaurants, and many times it is the offer of this waiter that makes us make the final decision to enter.The same happens on a website:

being at the precise moment when the customer needs to resolve a small doubt can make the difference between a purchase or a lost sale.

The customer service chat is a channel that has a high conversion rate to sales, so it is important to know some recommendations on how to act and talk to the customer through it. Here are some tips:

Herramientas de chats online para e-commerce

1. Be careful with registration and spelling.

Although the chat is a channel given to informal conversations, we must not forget that the person on the other side is a customer or potential customer, so we cannot treat him as a “colleague” of a lifetime.

It is also very important to make good use of spelling and, needless to say, not to commit spelling mistakes, because instead of creating customer loyalty what we can do is to transmit a bad image of the company.

2. To resort to the telephone call in certain cases.

To get fast and efficient attention, combining chat with a phone call is a good solution. Many times, the agent will not be able to solve the problem through the chat, so it is necessary to be able to transfer the conversation to a phone call easily.

3. Use of pop-up windows.

As in the restaurant situation we mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is important to know when to go out to invite customers, because if we overwhelm them, they will leave. There are pop ups that study customer behavior and pop up when there may be a need.

4. Selection of agents to attend the chat.

First of all, if you have a chat, it is to attend it. If a customer contacts us and is not attended, he will not come back. And secondly, it is important to have customer service professionals who know how to communicate well through this channel.

5. Make the chat known.

If customers don’t know that they can communicate with you through chat, they will never do it. Make sure they know that this channel is available to them.

Chat is one more communication tool that should be part of an omnichannel system. Getting the customer to leave with a satisfactory experience depends on these channels being well integrated and, of course, well managed.

  • If you already have a customer service through messaging and chats, you know the impact that this new channel has compared to traditional channels.
  • If you have not yet established your customer service through messaging, we recommend you to start installing autoresponders.
  • Through this type of standardized responses it becomes immediately clear which form of customer service customers or prospects can expect and which cannot.
  • If you are already among the advanced and have gained experience with your customer service through messaging, you can take the international bank Commerzbank as an example.

Through their bot in WhatsApp CORA you can get more detailed information on individual topics using the bank’s analyses and evaluations.

For all other questions, e.g. regarding individual products, reference is made to the responsible product experts who can be contacted by phone or e-mail.



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