5 tips to create a perfect personal website

5 tips to create a perfect personal website

Do you want to create a personal website that is perfect for projecting your image on the Internet? Put into practice these tips we offer you

Projecting your own personal brand is a growing trend and this type of strategy has some advantages such as being a kind of showcase to showcase skills, experiences and advantages over other creative competitors, highlighting a personal project or getting the attention of those sectors that may be interested in the work.

When working on your personal brand, the online image is primordial and one of the ways to express it in the best possible way is by creating a personal website. If you are thinking about doing it, we are going to explain some tips to achieve it successfully.

1.- Get the domain and hosting

This is the most technical part and they are two essential things for your personal website to see the light. You will have to acquire a domain name and choose a hosting that suits your needs. There are many companies that do this. Choose from those that allow you to easily install a CMS and that have a decent customer service.

2.- Content Management System

WordPress is one of the most successful and widely used content management systems. But don’t worry, there are others that also allow you to edit in an advanced way. Many hosting services usually include a CMS of their own or allow you to install WordPress for free and easily, so that uploading content to your personal website is not an odyssey.

3.- Template

Although there are many free templates, it is true that they are usually very limited. The best thing is that you acquire, for your personal web, an attractive template and adapt it to your needs. Never choose the first template that comes in through the eye, but think about the objective of your website and choose one that fits it.

4.- Web design

The choice of template will greatly influence the design of your personal website and is the starting point for defining a unique website. Use a template with Visual Composer so that you can modify it easily.

Also look at competitor or reference websites so that, without copying you, you can be inspired and keep the essence of what you like and what you will need.

5.- The first contents

When it comes to copywriting, you have to be clear about what to do and what value proposition you offer to your personal website visitor. The first content, without a doubt, should be a presentation about you.

If you are going to have a blog, have some content in advance as it is better to have some posts in the blog when you launch the website than to launch it without anything.


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