5 tips to improve online storage

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5 tips to improve online storage

Go to the point: We offer some very easy tips to avoid online storage problems:

Eliminate lost data: thanks to the size of hard disks, which are getting bigger, nowadays there is usually no lack of space in the computer. However, the flood of files can slow down the system and make it difficult to work.

We recomend to remove unused files and programs, it will not only create order, but also allows to work more efficiently.

1-Secure online storage instead of a hard disk

removing unwanted information frees up storage space, however, storing data in the cloud is always a good alternative.

Files are available to users at all times, from any device. This also facilitates collaboration with colleagues: if a file is shared, a link is sufficient instead of sending everything by e-mail.

In addition, when choosing a provider, be sure to pay attention to data protection.
Data protection and user administration: Storing files centrally in the online storage has many advantages: It creates order, saves time and facilitates collaboration.

In combination with this, access authorizations and file approvals can be granted simply by clicking on the user administration.

When choosing a cloud provider, users must ensure that data security is guaranteed and that user privacy is protected.

2-Automatic backup

Outsourcing data to a cloud doesn’t always mean it’s completely secure. Therefore, when selecting online storage, users should pay attention to integrating an automatic backup feature. This is the only way to recover accidentally deleted or modified files.

It is even better if the backup solution also has appropriate interfaces to allow full server backups. This ensures that all data is properly backed up.

Synchronize data: online storage has another advantage, which simplifies digital spring cleaning: data can be synchronized.

If an employee records a document in Karlsruhe, the current version is immediately available in Hamburg and Berlin. Once installed, the work can be done more efficiently.

3-Cleaning up advertising and spam

The huge amount of advertising and spam mail can be easily reduced. Spam filters and anti-virus programs normally have to be activated manually in the settings.

When that is done, only what belongs to the mailbox ends up there. Therefore, unwanted or dangerous emails will be filtered out in the future.

4-Structure the folders for a better overview

Are there again many unread emails in your inbox and is it almost impossible to get an overview? A thematic archiving system with folders such as “Offers and Invoices”, “Suppliers”, “Employees”, etc., allows for better organization. Another option is that each project has its own folder in which relevant emails can be stored.

In addition, inbox rules allow messages from specific senders or with specific keywords to be moved directly to a folder.

5-Direct subject for faster replies

Has the customer not even responded to the third request? A specific subject line significantly increases the probability of receiving a response. If the customer receives an email with the title “ABC Offer – Approval Required by 25.05.”, they immediately know what to do.

It is also recommended that you define a fixed structure for the subject lines of the emails. It looks professional, serious and also increases usability.

Sort e-mails by color: Marking e-mails with different colors ensures clarity and makes your work easier. Only three different colors should be used. You can sort them according to large projects, time classification or importance, for example, or in necessary work steps such as “prepare”, “execute” or “check”.



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