5 tips to improve the ROI of facebook marketing



There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best platforms to market your business; in fact, Business2community claims that over 5 million businesses advertise on the social network.

However, you can’t simply migrate to Facebook advertising without a plan and you don’t want to throw away a lot of money on paid ads that don’t generate sales on your website.

So, to make sure that your platform marketing efforts get the highest return on investment, it takes a little extra preparation, rather than trying your luck, you can practically guarantee that your ads will have an impact on social network users.

1. Target the right audience

In case you are creating a large advertising campaign on Facebook and expect to reach every member of your target audience, it will not work. All your clients have different needs and are also at different stages in the buyer’s journey, so you need to create ads for each target you are trying to reach.

When creating your social media campaign, think about who you want to sell to, existing customers, consumers who have never visited your site, and so on. Whoever your audience is, you will get a better return on investment if your ads are highly specific to their needs.

2. Take advantage of the different types of ads of your facebook markeing

While a typical Facebook graphic ad is effective, you may be missing out on a number of dynamic platform ads that could dramatically improve your ROI. Choosing the right type of ad, depending on your business and what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy on the partner network, can actually increase clicks and generate more sales.

Dynamic, Collectible, or Carousel ads; you can display multiple images or videos in a single ad, each with its own link. These interactive ads have more room for you to tell a story or explain a process.

3. Send users to a landing page

When a user clicks on your Facebook ad, instead of sending it to your website’s Home Page or your Facebook Business Page, you should send it to a dedicated landing page.

Your Home Page is too distracting for users; there are so many places for them to click that you risk them leaving your site before they get to your sale or product page. But with a dedicated landing page for your social media advertising campaign, it will be easier for users to take the desired action.

So, if your goal with a Facebook ad campaign is to increase your email list, create a landing page that only displays your email list.

4. Take advantage of redirection

Most users who visit your site leave without making a purchase. In fact, 92 percent of first-time website visitors have no intention of making a purchase.

So when a user leaves your site, you may have lost them forever. But if you take advantage of Facebook’s redirection, you can find those users who left you and get them back.

Facebook retargeting is a cookie you add to your website, which has the ability to track when a user leaves your site, follow them to social networking and other sites on the web, and display targeted ads that convince them to return to your site and make a purchase.

5. Enhance your images and headlines

Get rid of your boring pictures and dull headlines. In the multitudinous source of Facebook that is full of eye-catching and entertaining photos and videos, you must make sure that your social network ad attracts users’ attention.

People are visual creatures, so using high-quality images with bright colors is a sure way to get the most out of your marketing on Facebook.

Your title is just as important as the images, so make sure your copy is clear and to the point.


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