5 tips to improve your company’s page on LinkedIn

5 tips to improve your company's page on LinkedIn

How to improve your company’s page on LinkedIn?
To achieve a goal like the one mentioned above with your company’s page on LinkedIn, we took some recommendations issued by Social Media Today to achieve it:

Ensure the accuracy of your profile information

The starting point for optimising your brand or company page on LinkedIn is to be aware that both the profile and the content of the page can be searched on the platform and therefore users and people outside the platform can find the company inside and outside the LinkedIn itself as a result of their searches.

With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure that information about the company is up-to-date and accurate.

The company’s profile on LinkedIn should include the site’s URL, phone number, and information required by the various fields that can be filled in here.

Customize your company’s LinkedIn page URL
Speaking of URLs, to optimize the page it is also a good idea to customize the one assigned to the company profile.

All company pages on LinkedIn receive a standard URL, but this can be customized and is certainly worth doing.

It is only necessary to take into account the policies of the social network when deciding to change the public URL. For example, it can only be changed once every 30 days, and any deleted URL can be made available for others to claim after 365 days.

By the way, you should also know that you will not lose traffic if you change the URL, creating a new address of this type will not disable the main one.

Add specialties to address the LinkedIn algorithm

In LinkedIn there is a section known as specialties, this section of your company’s website provides the opportunity to communicate the main strengths of your business in a format that is easy to understand for the public.

All of the specialties you submit on your company’s LinkedIn page are also searchable terms, so use them as a sort of keyword section to help you position your profile to get the right traffic.

To access the section where the specialties are placed, just click on the “Edit” section, go to the “About” section, then “Summary” and at the end of that space you will find the section where they can be placed or removed.

Update your images

If your company profile images on LinkedIn have not been updated, this is an opportunity you are probably missing.

As we have highlighted on previous occasions, and as the source refers, these are key spaces within the profiles. These can be customized with elements such as the company logo and a distinctive banner for the front page.

You can even incorporate Calls To Action to attract more visitors or share important details about the company, for example, the launch of its next product or service.

Make the most of your headline characters

To improve the business on LinkedIn, another key section is the header. This appears immediately below the company name and is considered a “premium” space where you can place information or brand message.

For both personal and company profiles, the headline needs to be well worked on, for example, it needs to capture the reader’s attention and keep him or her engaged.

Here it is important to remember that headlines are limited to 120 characters so you must be creative enough to create one that is right for the company.

Optimize your page content

For both people and searches, the content of the company page on LinkedIn needs to be optimised.

This is because search engines can find your page when they search via google, so you should consider your company page as a central location where people can learn more about what you do.

Ideally, you should create a general description and content to accompany the page that tells the story of the business in an attractive way, paying special attention to the first lines as this is the content that will be visible to the audience on the different devices.


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