5 tips to increase sales now!

5 tips to increase sales now!

If you have an online store you are surely interested in selling as much as possible. An online business, just like a traditional one, is based on selling products or services. The more products or services you sell, the more profitable the business will be.

In many occasions we are blinded in having a nice website with good prices, but we forget to optimize some things with which we could achieve many more sales with that nice design we have and those competitive prices we offer.

Below I show you 5 aspects that you can take into account and that can help you increase  sales in an easy way.

5 tips to increase sales now!

5 tips to increase sales now!

1. Free Shipping

It may seem obvious but nowadays there are many stores that lower the prices of their products to the limit but then charge you a shipping fee that pushes back a large number of potential buyers.

This is an aspect that should be tested in each of the stores since it depends on the sector in which you work and the margins you manage, but many improve their conversion rate if they eliminate shipping costs.

2. Abandoned carts plugin

Many people check out an online store, add a product to their cart, but when it comes time to pay, they leave the page before finishing their order.

Many may be the reasons why they don’t finish the purchase; they didn’t have time to finish the order, they didn’t have their credit card at hand, they are not sure whether to buy the product or not…

There are plugins or modules that can be easily added to your store to send an email to the potential buyer every “x” days reminding them that they have a product in their basket that they have not yet paid for.

In many occasions that email will be ignored, but in others the user will remember that order he left half way through and will finish it.

This is something very simple to implement that can improve your conversion rate significantly.

3. Enable buyer ratings

Like the module for abandoned carts, you can install in your online store a module with which your customers can write their opinion of the product once they have received it.

A very simple option and with a free version is to install the Yotpo module, available for many platforms (prestashop, magento, Woocommerce.)

Your users, a few days after buying a product, receive an email to leave their opinion about the product and give it a score.

This opinion will then appear in the product file giving more credibility to your online store.

4. Other customers have also bought.

Something as simple as showing a buyer products related to their purchase and that they may need for their use. For example, if someone buys a cell phone, offer them a cover for that phone before completing the payment. The king in this type of marketing is undoubtedly Amazon, which applies it best without any doubt.

5. Newsletter

Finally, something that many stores have but few use, the newsletter.

As your sales grow, you grow your contact list of people interested in the products you sell.

If you don’t send a newsletter every now and then with promotions, news and information of interest to them, you will be missing a golden opportunity to increase your sales.

A person who has already bought from you once is much more likely to buy from you again than getting a new customer.
Take advantage of your contacts and send them an email from time to time to remind them that you are still there.

And you, do you have any tricks to increase your sales?




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