5 tips to optimize social media content

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5 tips to optimize social media content

Tips for writing social media content

Social media content is an excellent way to bring visitors to your website. It is a place where the conversation with your followers and your proximity as a brand, are key to make it happen.

And even more so now that we know that the algorithms behind them reduce the reach of our publications and make it harder to get new followers or fans.

Get the engagement you need with these tips:

5 tips to optimize social media content


1. Create a social media content and publish regularly

Before you start writing content, it is important that you define two types of calendars:

A. Editorial calendar: in it you have to define which days of the week you are going to publish and what time is the best to do it. It is especially interesting if you work on more than one social network.

B. Content calendar: this is where you decide the topics you are going to publish on each of these days. For example, Monday is the “did you know that…” day, Friday is the “informal publication” day.

2. Set objectives for each of the publications you make

The writing of content for social networks needs a sense. And, if you want your pages or company profiles to be successful, you must aspire to the maximum with each one of them.

So, think before you write what you want to achieve. Entertain your audience, learn something, get them excited?

3. Make a good content cure

Don’t you like your followers or fans to grow? Think about it, if you post the same thing on all social networks, why would they follow you on all of them? Just because they do it on one, it’s enough, don’t you think?

And, one more thing. How many publications do you see where the copy (the text) is copied from the title of the post they are spreading? Many of us. Does this bring value to your followers? Be creative and add your knowledge when writing content for social networks.

4. Adapt the tone to each social network

The community of followers you have on each social network is not the same. You expect different things from your brand as you move around in one or the other. For example, LinkedIn users have nothing to do with the more formal Facebook users, who are more playful.

5. Generate expectation

Don’t show all your letters in your posts and let them show that the best is in the content you are sharing. Try to generate interest and arouse curiosity so that your followers will want to know more about what you are talking about and carry out the action you are proposing.

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