6 Phases for the planning of a successful web project

6 Phases for the planning of a successful web project

Are you wondering how to plan a web project but not knowing where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

To be successful with creating a website is essential, to know the key aspects to attract as many visitors and buyers as possible—Discover Online Project Management, in six steps.

What is a web project?

The term “web project” can designate different types of development, including technical creation, content management, data, graphic design, and all marketing dimensions. Such products can consist of:

  •     The design of a website,
  •     The creation of e-commerce,
  •     The launch of an application, etc

6 Phases for the planning of a successful web project

6 Phases for the planning of a successful web project

1. Expression of the need

A web project begins with the expression of needs, materialized in what is known as the specifications. This document, valid to evaluate the feasibility of the project and to calculate its costs, describes point by point:

  •     The functionalities,
  •     The development framework (sector of activity),
  •     The expected technical prerequisites.
  • Preparing a mock-up of the project is helpful for a better understanding of the expected result.

2. Setting up the team

Once the project’s scope has been defined, it is necessary to call upon an IT service provider, a web agency, and an internal team to carry out the project. This team will pre-assess the effort required to complete the project in terms of time and budget.

A typical team for a web project is made up of:

  •     The developers,
  •     A UX Designer,
  •   A Product Owner or Project Manager.

3. Costing and planning

The project should be evaluated in parts to calculate each component’s costs. Subsequently, the total cost can be calculated. In the case of a web project, it is necessary to determine the cost of:

  •     IT developments (Back Office and Front Office),
  •     Technical tasks (hosting, backups, etc.),
  •     Graphic and interface design,
  •     Content (texts, articles, branded content, white paper),
  •    Marketing elements (landing pages, visitor tracking).

In IT, the agile method proposes working in sprints (a series of 2 weeks of production separated by planning). Planning generally takes the form of a roadmap in the form of a Gantt chart, a list, or a Kanban.


4. Design conception

Design (or production) is when team members coordinate to ensure the creation of the site, application, or online shop. In this phase, the following actions take place:

  •     Choice of the domain name and web hosting,
  •     Site development (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.) or CMS configuration,
  •    Drafting and integration of content and media,
  •    Creation of images and integration of the user interface,
  •    Integration of web marketing scripts (Google Analytics, for example),
  •     Integration of marketing tools on the website (e.g., newsletter subscription).

5. Preparation of the test phase

The testing phase allows the PO or Project Manager to test the entire site or platform to validate its conformity with the expected result. Steps 4 and 5 are repeated in an iterative process until the final product is satisfactory.

6. Production and launch

The site, platform, or web application goes online at the end of the iterative phase. However, the project will reach its goal only when the audience comes in contact with it. To ensure the success of the launch and raise awareness of the project, you have different options through which to do so:

  •     An e-marketing plan,
  •     Asocial media communication (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn),
  •     A media campaign and offline marketing (posters, fairs, etc.),
  •     A publication on relevant sites,
  •     A an email campaign,
  •     A CPC campaign (AdWords).

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