6 power tips for e-commerce in 2022

6 power tips for e-commerce in 2022

Digitalization of processes: how to achieve this in The unstoppable rise of e-commerce worldwide will continue its incremental scale in 2022. Experts project that by 2025 it could experience 226% growth.

Tips for e-commerce in 2022

6 power tips for e-commerce in 2022

E-commerce in Spain grew by more than 20% during 2020 and, according to the National Commission for Markets and Competition, in the last decade, e-commerce went from representing 0.7% to 7.4% of all sales made in country. Moreover, according to the survey ‘E-commerce Consumer Trends 2021: Europeans’ online consumer habits’, conducted by Packlink, 80% of respondents have made and will continue to make purchases through the online marketplace.

The growth trend of e-commerce will not slow down; on the contrary, it will increase and, therefore, so that you can take better advantage of it, we bring you some of the e-commerce trends that experts say will stand out the most in 2022:

1-Live Stream Shopping

This type of e-commerce is prevalent in Asia, where it is already part of people’s consumer culture. In America and Europe, it has recently begun to gain momentum. In 2021 it started to increase in popularity, but, without a doubt, in 2022, it will consolidate itself as one of the most potent tools in e-commerce.

It consists of sales sessions through live broadcasts, through which brands show and promote their products. The intervention of influencers or streamers is widespread, which helps to generate much more trust among audiences who, during the transmission, can interact with the brand, the influencers, and even buy the products at the same time.

The use of discounts, promotional codes, complimentary giveaways, and opportunities to get exclusive or limited edition products during these streamings helps considerably boost their success and sales results.

It tends to be exceptionally functional in fashion, beauty, food, electronics, decoration, and furniture sectors. According to Cyberclick, “it is estimated that by 2026 it could represent between 10 and 20 percent of e-commerce”.

2-Shoppable TV

How many times have you been watching a movie, a series, or a documentary and wondered where in the world that fantastic location will be or where you could buy the trainers or the main character’s outfit? This type of e-commerce will solve those mysteries and, thanks to technology, it will be easier and easier to get information to buy what you want without having to search for it on your phone or computer, even using voice commands that interconnect with other synchronized devices you have in your home such as the already popular virtual voice assistants.

Today, by scanning QR codes, people can shop while they enjoy relaxing. It is becoming increasingly common for TV channels – and soon even streaming services – to team up with brands and products to make this shopping possible, offering a better experience for their users.

With the new air that physical shops are taking on, it is expected that 76% of sales will come from retail shops, so e-commerce, as well as continuing to prove its effectiveness and practicality, will have to find new and more attractive ways to stay relevant to consumers, perhaps like this one.

3-Social Media Shopping

In 2022, social media shopping will be even more significant. At the start of 2021, TikTok began testing in-app shopping in collaboration with Shopify (TikTok Shopping).

Likewise, it is becoming increasingly common to shop through brand and product shops on Instagram.

Twitter, for its part, does not want to be left behind and, in September 2021, launched Twitter Commerce in test format, a “shopping” tab that will allow its users to obtain various products from the application. Similarly, Pinterest recently announced that it would soon launch in Spain and some other European countries, functions that will allow you to make purchases in searches, boards, through Lens, and in Pins.

If your brand or product does not yet have a solid social network, shop, or product catalog on it, it should become one of your top priorities for the beginning of 2022. your company

4-Headless Commerce

This is new construction of websites where the front-end and back-end parts work independently, using an API to connect all channels of an online shop. This results in the generation of a comprehensive omnichannel experience (web site, social media, voice assistants, etc.).

Several studies claim that this type of e-commerce also represents an additional advantage. Users who consult different channels of an online shop tend to spend 10% more than those who only consult one shopping channel.

5-Payments with cryptocurrencies

The use of virtual money and its value is becoming more and more popular. More and more users are looking for new, much easier, faster, private, and secure ways to pay for the products they wish to purchase. Therefore, it is essential that you consider within your technological plan to introduce this type of tool to your e-commerce.

6-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Using big data and machine learning to provide consumers with a much more personalized shopping experience through intelligent recommendations and using predictive search should become a priority by 2022. There are still thousands of possibilities and ways to improve this area, making it a trend that we are sure will dominate this year and in the years to come.

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