6 reasons to switch to telegram

6 reasons to switch to telegram

As in any messaging application, you can send instant messages, make voice calls and send and receive multimedia files. The only thing you can not yet do with Telegram is video calls, although they have already announced that they will include them by the end of 2020, and they are already testing it in their beta version.

But Telegram includes many more features that are making it gain popularity. Precisely, it consists of some that can be very useful for your business.

Features and advantages of Telegram

There are numerous functionalities and advantages that Telegram has primarily focused on how to use this tool in your business.


1| Group and channels

One of the main advantages can be found in terms of groups. Telegram offers the possibility of creating groups of up to 200,000 people (much more than Whatsapp, where the limit in groups is 256 members) and channels with no limit of subscribers.

The difference between groups and channels is that in groups, it is the administrator who adds participants, and in channels, each user decides which channel to subscribe to. Channels are unidirectional, i.e., only the administrator can send messages.

In this way, they become a kind of subscriber list, where users choose the channels they are interested in and subscribe to receive information, news, and updates. Later I will explain how you can create your Telegram channel.

2| Bots

Another advantage of Telegram is the possibility of using bots. Bots have become an excellent utility for businesses with a digital presence as they allow you to automate responses that are common to many users.

3| Schedule messages

It is also possible to schedule messages to be sent at another time. In addition, you can choose to prepare them to be sent on a day and time or, in the case of one-to-one chats, schedule them to be sent when the other person is online.

4| Conduct polls

Telegram also offers us the ability to conduct polls. You can make a poll in your groups or your channels and see the answers in percentages.

5| Multiplatform

It is a cross-platform application; that is, it does not have only a smartphone version but also a version for computers and tablets, making its use very comfortable. Unlike Whatsapp, which you can only access from the computer in its web version, Telegram has its application for all devices.

6| Security

One of the things that Telegram has focused on from the beginning is security. It offers us the option to create secret chats that feature end-to-end encryption. What does this mean? The message is encrypted when it is sent and only decrypted when it reaches its destination, making it impossible for anyone to intercept it along the way.

In these secret chats, you can also activate the option for messages to be deleted after a certain period (the one you set) if you want an extra point of security.

Following in this line of offering greater security to the user, in Telegram, you have the option to create a profile with an alias. That username is already enough for someone to start a conversation with you. Thus, you don’t need to give me your phone number if you don’t want to.

You can also customize your profile with a photo to decide if you want other people to see it.

And the last of the options focused on security is the one that offers you the possibility of putting a PIN code that the application asks you every time it opens. This way, your messages will be even more protected.


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