6 tips for generating leads from landing pages

6 tips for generating leads from landing pages

Among the factors and variables that are planned in a content strategy, there is one that is supremely important within the process of “attracting” audiences. We refer to the landing pages.

This part of the website is the most important and definitive when it comes to ensuring that our user responds to the incentives we place through the content.

The landing pages must be set up in such a way that when the audience decides to leave their data, the page facilitates the process and this action can be successfully closed.

For this we will review some guidelines to create and optimize the best way our landing pages.

6 tips for creating landing pages


If you’re thinking about creating landing pages, it’s a symptom that you’re thinking about capturing leads. Keep in mind that if you want to be effective, you must have content formats that encourage action. Ideally, you should look for formats such as ebooks, guides, lists, webinars, among others. With downloadable formats you will achieve effective leads.

2 . Simplicity

As obvious as it sounds, the content integrated into the landing pages should be minimal. As much as possible, it should not have anything that would distract the user from making their conversion at first. Here is an example of what should and should not be done. Try not to place distractors, or links that distract attention from the target.

As you can see, the image on the left is designed in a simple way, while the one on the right is the opposite. When you are designing your landing pages remember this phrase: “Less is more”.


But our future lead arrived at the landing page through the blog or through a paid advertisement, that does not mean that we should give him the opportunity within the landing page to get distracted and start checking the site without having left his data. In short, remove the navigation menu of the landing site. This will allow our contact to do what they should be doing on this page on time, leaving their details.


Thanks to the content of our site, the future lead is on the landing page we must generate a call to action. This call to action must be sufficiently attractive and innovative to make the conversion to a place. In this way, a short “Here” will not be enough to achieve some data. Use action words like “Free Download”.


Although we said not to distract the user in the landing pages is important to place buttons for integration into social networks, since this can ensure a spread and reach for free. It must be clear which networks we want to include since not all of them necessarily work for all audiences. Remember that integrating these buttons can ensure an effective lead in the future.


even though is important to know who our contact is, we should not exaggerate when asking for their details. We may only need to collect the basic data, but keep in mind that if the content is good, users will be able to give us a lot of information that will allow us to qualify the lead.

For example, if you want to place a mortgage loan, you should know the income level. If you want to do a test drive, you should know if he has driving experience.

Probably, asking the user for a lot of data can make him get bored of filling the information and also, at some point he will start to distrust the landing because of the amount of important data he is filling.

Generate confidence with the landing pages and you will have surprising results.

Let’s make a brief summary of tips for your landing pages:

Less is more: let’s keep the landing pages simple, because a lot of information can scare away the lead generation. Also, the content is very important, it must be simple.

Let’s avoid distractions: removing the navigation menu from the landing pages prevents the user from browsing too much and from leaving us their data.

The call to action is important: The data collection button must be attractive and innovative enough to motivate that click. In the end, inbound marketing and content marketing focus on attraction.

Buttons to share: Including them within the landing pages, can help to get more leads.
Only the necessary data: the landing page should only collect the necessary data. Asking for more information may drive the lead away and not fulfill the purpose of the page.


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