70 powerful tips to improve blog

70 powerful tips to improve blog

Blogs are one of the elements that are being increasingly demanded. The difficulty is not to create them but to know how to manage them so that they are not hidden among the others, that is to say, to know how to get the most out of them.

Companies that choose to include a blog in their website increase their potential customers by 130% and their traffic by up to 7 times.

Therefore, companies see blogs as an opportunity to get ahead of their competitors.

In order to have them well managed and active, many of them hire the services of bloggers or communication agencies that, as professionals in the sector, know how to best apply the following basic tips to improve your blog, which we are going to group into six fields. With them, we seek to have an effective blog.

Basic tips to improve your blog


These are strategies applied to better position in the search engine rankings and achieve better traffic to our website.

Some strategies to improve the SEO part are

1.- Define a regular schedule for your publications.

2.- Be more creative than your competition.

3.- Target your articles to a single audience. To your target audience.

4.- Choose titles and headings that synthesize the essence of the article. And that awaken interest.

5.- Create content adapted to Google’s requirements.

6.- Make quality content with an innovative character.

7.- Build a blog that generates confidence as a source of information.

8.- Try to publish on the best day. (What, When and How Often to Publish in Social Networks)

9.- Use keywords, tags and hashtags

10.- You must be aware of what is happening in the sector and what your competitors are doing.

11.- Combine publications of concrete facts, news and surveys.

12.- Update your blog regularly.

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The attitude of the blog writer is an extremely important aspect. The fact that he enjoys what he writes will be reflected in his articles. Attitudes like enthusiasm and perseverance are essential in every blogger.

Here are some basic tips to improve your blog in terms of writer’s attitude that are essential to improve your blog.

13.- Make the most of your personal skills and interests, what you know.

14.- Be patient, generating content is a long-distance race.

15.- Become an expert on what you write and master the medium.

16 .- Do not do this work just for money, do it by vocation.

17.- Share your ideas and vision.

18.- Add your own personality to your contents.

19.- Be concise. Get to the point.

20.- Take care of the way you write, so as not to give the impression of being ill-mannered or discriminatory.

21.- Always be motivated.

22.- Make consistency your way of working.

23.-Move forward every day a little more on your way. Post to post.

24.-Include links in your content, to other blogs, websites and your own content. Enrich the content and guide the reader to the next step.


High quality content increases the conversion of visitors into potential customers because it allows them to stand out for being reliable, which translates into more shared content with greater reach. This is how a good content marketing strategy works.

If you want even more information on this topic, I recommend the article: “Why content is the new sales call”

These are some tips to improve your blog, in terms of the content to be generated:

25.-Have a defined plan, such as an editorial calendar, and define the structure your texts will have.

26.-Search for keywords and analyze their impact.

27.- The keyword density should be between 2 and 3%.

28.- Organize the content of each post so that it is unique.

29.- Capture the attention of the readers from the beginning of the article.

30.- Develop the points you have announced you would talk about in that article. An attractive title for content that does not correspond is useless.

31.-Make the articles as long as they have to be, knowing that short texts are easier andmore attractive to read. Don’t get “stuffed” by doing long posts.

32. Remember that short sentences and paragraphs are better. Make it easier to read and keep your readers’ attention.

33. Make use of bold, numbering and other resources that facilitate reading.

34. Write texts thinking that they will be useful to your readers.

35.-Focus on the chosen topic, paying more attention to the content that is most interesting.

36.- Review and preview before publishing.


It is preferable to focus on a single target audience because it allows us to generate adapted content. This will be precisely a claim for the readers who visit us again, that is, it allows us to have faithful readers.

Some basic tips to improve your blog in relation to your target audience are

37.- Select your market niche and set your target.

38.- Get ahead of the reader’s search. Understand their interests and concerns and create content to resolve their doubts.

39.- Focus on what your customers and potential customers demand.

40.- Know your audience well.

41.- Research what is relevant on the web.

42.-Capture your audience through a variety of content.

43.- Encourage people to share and comment on your articles as a way of obtaining their opinion.

44.-Turn your blog into an interactive community.

45.-Create interaction with your readers.

46.-Make use of social networks.

47.-Attract and keep readers.

48.-Know which are your most read articles.


In the blog, the first thing that will more or less attract the reader’s attention is the very layout and structure of the page. These are some basic tips to improve your blog design:

49.- Choose a clear design.

50.- The general appearance must show a professional character.

51.- Use titles and headings.

52.- Short paragraphs.

53.-Do not underline, they may look like links.

54.- Add images.

55.-Use punctuation to divide the text.

56.-Adopt a natural style.

57.- Include links.

58.- Include buttons to share the content.


Having a good network is essential to increase our promotion. Some tips in this regard are:

59.-After about 15 publications, you should promote your blog.

60.- Do enough promotion.

61.-Use social networks.

62.- Promote whenever you can.

63.-Build an accessible blog.

64.- Promote events related to the blog.

65.-Leave comments that will attract attention in other blogs or forums.

66.-Add links to forums that address common issues with your blog.

67.- Use permanent links.

68.-Collaborate with other blogs.

69.- Exchange links.

70.- Make a list of blogs you recommend.


If you only write articles and don’t interact with your readers, you are making a serious mistake.

Engagement is one of the four pillars of blogging, and it is very important to devote body and soul to serving your readers.

Here it is not only about improving your blog, or its content. It’s also about improving the projection of your blog outwardly ,In this case, towards your readers.

Responding to their comments, talking to them by email, treating them in social networks, commenting on their blogs, sharing their articles and interesting comments, thanking them for their support

If you follow these tips, your blog will work much better! And if not, you can still have more information in our blog (to which you can subscribe for free) or contact our team to implement your content strategy.


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