5 tips for get excellent health in these times

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8 tips for get excellent health in these times

The planet is experiencing moments that we have never experienced before. What seemed to be a tremendous amount when Edward Norton – American mathematician and meteorologist – enunciated the concept of the Butterfly Effect, now seems to be an everyday occurrence.

“The flapping of a butterfly causes a tornado to appear in Texas.”  (Edward Norton)

Figuratively, the world is increasingly a neighborhood where we can’t ignore what’s going on around the corner. Rapid communications, efficient transportation, growing tourism, climate change, social upheavals, wars, globalization of cultural patterns, migration – all these are elements that force us to recognize that the health problems of, say, the Congo, China, or France, are no longer their problems, but ours as a species.

8 tips for get excellent health in these times


Here are 5 tips to take better care of your health in this time.

1. Health care has a cost

Whether you have the best health insurance in the world or live in a country where you don’t have to pay for medical care, health has a cost and it is good to have financial resources always ready for an eventuality.

Sickness is always a crisis in a family, consuming savings and time that would otherwise be spent on other things.

The most sensible thing to do is to recognize the fact that, in the event of illness, you will need more resources and new needs will arise that must be met.

2. Update your immunization schedule

Pap smear, colonoscopy, aortic aneurysm research, mammography, digital rectal exam, etc.

In other words, be active in your health care and don’t wait to have symptoms. Modern medicine contemplates a series of actions that are harmoniously choreographed so that, according to your age and personal conditions, they are applied to you.

It is called Research and it is oriented to the early detection of diseases that are expected to appear. In your visit to the doctor for whatever reason, do not forget to ask about these actions.

In no way does it mean that just by having periodic health exams everything is done, “prevention” is the best cure, avoid getting sick, even if you don’t believe it is totally possible.

3. Exercise regularly

It is a proven fact beyond any doubt that the lack of physical exercise is a direct cause of multiple diseases and also helps the appearance of many others.

Some physical exercise is better than none at all. So, if the rigors of life prevent you from having 30 minutes of gym time, then take every opportunity to exercise. If you can walk a couple of blocks to visit a friend, do so; if you have to choose between the elevator and the stairs at work for a couple of floors, take the stairs.

However, the key is regular and systematic exercise, even if you think it’s not enough, I repeat, some exercise is better than none.

4. Improve your nutrition habits

Include vegetables, leafy greens and fruits in your diet. You’ll probably feel it’s too expensive, so do your best and prioritize eating that carrot on your plate over the steak on the other end of your plate.

Cut back on red meat; chicken and fish are healthier instead. You don’t need to add salt or sugar to your meals, as our common diet contains the necessary carbohydrates and sodium chloride, and sometimes more. Eat in moderation.

5. Stop Toxic Consumption

Whatever you smoke, get it over with. Don’t be fooled by misleading facts, there is no such thing as harmless alcohol consumption. Nothing you smoke is better than not smoking.

The case of a medical indication is another matter. Remember that you may have an addiction and that is a disease in itself, and it is best to consult a specialist if you recognize the fact.


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