8 tips to choose the perfect domain name for your site

8 tips to choose the perfect domain name for your site

Domains have evolved over time. Currently we find new trends and extensions in the market that have increased the possibilities. If you are going to create a new website or blog, either personal or for your business on the Internet, we give you some keys to choose the best domain names and you can keep it without regrets in time

Here are 10 tips to choose the perfect domain name for your website:

1. Choose a short domain name

They no longer take too long domains, it is impractical. Nor will it help you position your website better, it was something that was believed a few years ago, so make use of acronyms and abbreviations to make your domain as short and precise as possible.

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2. Choose a pronounceable and memorable domain

There are times when we come across domains that are truly unpronounceable, a fact that causes the user to never memorize it. It doesn’t have to be a word with a specific meaning, but at least it can be pronounced.

For example: The website of online movies and series “Wuaki”, has a name that is easily pronounced and memorized but without having a concrete meaning in the dictionary:

3. Choose a domain with keywords

One of the best chosen domains in the history of the Internet was the portal for buying and selling second-hand products. This domain has served them to position themselves over time, as it is completely linked to the search keyword.

Nowadays it is not so easy to get a domain that includes the most interesting keyword of a market, unless it is a very little exploited market niche. However, before deciding on your domain you can check the keywords of your sector with Google’s Keyword Planner and see if you can include a keyword in your domain.

4. If your business is local, include the population in the domain

If your business is local, consider including your city, province or region in your domain name to make it easier to find and remember for local customers.

5. Avoid numbers and dashes

Numbers and scripts are sometimes misinterpreted. Some people when they hear your domain, don’t know if it is written with a number (5) or a letter (five) or if it is hyphenated.

It is best not to include it to avoid confusion. If you need to use a number in your domain, you can register the different variations (number and letter) so that users can find it on the Internet in both ways.

6. Choose a domain name in your language if

Perhaps your website or blog is intended only for the Spanish-speaking public, in this case, make sure your domain is in Spanish. Don’t make the mistake of some blogs that write in Spanish and have a domain in another language.

7. Choose an internationalized domain if

If your company has the possibility to expand to other countries, we recommend you not to use a Spanish name and to opt for a word or a set of words in English such as “WhatsApp”, “DropBox” “EverNote” which join two short words that give meaning.

You can also use a short word that has no meaning, but can be pronounced in different languages without problems.

8. Choose a domain that is not in use

Make sure that the name you have chosen for your domain is not being used by another brand, is a registered trademark or is registered with a copyright. It could lead you to a legal mess and you could lose your domain name.

To find out if a domain is in use you can use the Interdomain search engine, which will tell you if a domain is free or not, in a wide variety of extensions


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