9 Entrepreneurship innovative Trends for 2020

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9 Entrepreneurship innovative Trends for 2020

9 Entrepreneurship Trends for 2020

Innovative aspects

To begin, we will talk about aspects of each business  and Enterpreneurhip that will be improved, also new aspects and innovative resources to facilitate processes and also take into account new needs of the final consumer.

1. THE BRAND 3.0

Nowadays it is no longer enough just to have a presence on the web and social networks, to make the brand known, to promote your products or services and to have a good reputation. At this time and especially for next year, it is required to be consistent with what the brand transmits through communication and what it does, this means that all the values and promises that transmit through their communication and promotion, the brand must be committed to do so.

In short, greater transparency is required because the user no longer trusts only what the brand intends to convey, but actually does everything it promises.


Something very common and used but sometimes unknown concept is AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).

What is expected is that this method is reversed, (Action, Desire, Interest and Action) thus giving more strength to be the customer who decides to buy and not to be sold to the customer.


The device for accessing the Internet that has been gaining more ground is the mobile phone, which is expected that in the coming years people will connect to the Internet just like any other device.


One aspect that has been considered for some time as a substitute for current forms of payment is electronic or mobile payment, i.e. without the need for cash or a card, you can pay for any product or service. It is expected that in the coming years it will almost completely replace the above-mentioned payment methods.


Another trend that confirms why mobile devices such as smartphones are not only here to stay, but it is expected that in the coming years as technology advances they will have an even greater weight than they currently enjoy.


Although there are a significant number of people who are aware of the importance of integrating their project or business with the digital and may have already implemented some aspects, the truth is that most people have not adopted a digital strategy or plan for their business, which allows them to fully integrate their entire business model and take advantage of all the benefits that digital media provide.


Another element that has already been taking more relevance in recent years is the integration of biometrics in different intelligent devices such as cell phones, allowing greater security and in turn, ease to perform different operations online, from iris recognition, voice, face, handwritten signature, among others.

So by 2020 it will be important to take more into account this technology, as it is increasingly reaching all intelligent devices, as a standard.


It is a fact that, with the right tools and their correct use, companies and enterprises can achieve more with fewer resources. Because today there are a lot of systems and possibilities to create one that fits the needs of each business or enterprise, it is important that by 2020, advice on the use of these tools is taken into account in order to achieve the one that is most beneficial for your idea or business.


Finally, although the point was mentioned that for the next one it will not be enough to have reviews, it will still be important to keep the comments or recommendations from customers, that way you can help to generate confidence and facilitate the decision of the new user to purchase your product or service.

Taking this into account, do not forget from the beginning, with the first customers, that they can leave you a sincere review about the quality of attention and the product or service.

The world of entrepreneurship is growing, it’s a fact, there are more opportunities and facilities for everyone, you just have to have the ability to identify ideas in time, then plan and finally execute to take advantage of being among the first.

Which trend did you like the most? Leave us a comment with your opinion, that way we can expand the topic a little more and help others who want to undertake.

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