Backup: 3 tips for efficient safe data

3 tips for efficient backup

Do a backup.

Have you ever lost all the files on your PC? Have you migrated your website to another hosting and ended up losing the files?

Many people do. A virus, a migration, a formatting… They can wipe out all your data in a matter of seconds. In those moments your body panics, you pull your hair, climb the walls and say… Why wouldn’t I make a backup of my documents!

If there is one thing we usually remember too late, it is, without a doubt, backups. It’s funny, despite how important they are, it’s something we always leave for later and end up forgetting.

Since 2011, March 31st is World Backup Day, a date used to make users aware of how important it is to establish a routine in which we dedicate some of our time to safeguarding the information we consider important.

The backup is a support that allows us to keep safe information that we consider so important that we are not willing to lose it if our PC suffers a breakdown or we suffer the theft of our smartphone

To make sure you don’t lose your files again, you should make regular backups of them. You can set up automatic backups or run manual backups at any time.

Tip 1: Working in the Cloud

Working in the cloud with cloud servers will give you peace of mind, as your data will be safe in case your PC or external hard drive suffers any mishaps.

Tip 2: Automatic Backup

Ask your hosting company to make an automatic backup of the files you have uploaded to your website. If for any reason you lose some of your website’s content, you could go back and restore your website to the state it had in the last backup.

Tip 3: Manageable Backup

For a backup to be useful it is important that it has a control panel that you can browse and use yourself. The features to highlight of a good backup service are the following:

Easy to use
Complete storage
With control panel
Frequency of backups every 7 days
24 hour support

Don’t wait for the computer problem to happen

No, dear friend. People think about backing up when they have had a computer problem. But usually, when they never do, it’s because they think, “It’s not going to happen to me.

It is not appropriate to take risks when it comes to the security of your business. Back up now, before it’s too late.

Store them on a different computer or server

Imagine that you have your backups saved on your own computer. Or on an external hard drive connected to your computer. What if one day you can’t access Windows, not even in safe mode, and you have to format the computer by deleting everything? What if you haven’t even made the Windows backup?

In any case, it is convenient that your backups are on a different computer, so that if that one breaks down, you can easily recover your backups.

Keep your backups up to date

You may have made a backup, but it turns out it’s from a database from a year ago. During all this time you have been adding new records that do not appear in the backup.

Therefore, if there were a computer problem right now and you lost that database, you would have to go back to what you had a year ago. Big mistake: the best thing to do is to make regular, automated backups.

By following these three simple tips, your backups will be valid and you will be able to use and recover them at the right time.

The problem is that many companies make some of the mistakes we have mentioned. And, of course, when the unwanted moment comes that they have to recover lost or deleted files, the job is more difficult because the backups were not really useful.


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