Blog vs Youtube vs Podcast: which is best for your business?

Blog vs Youtube vs Podcast: which is best for your business?

Blog vs Youtube vs Podcast: which is best?

First: what do you want to achieve: romance or true love?

I don’t know if you know that love, at first sight, is determined by a cocktail of hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine) that give your brain a literal “shot,” and that’s why, when we fall in love, we feel excited, full of optimism and life is all butterflies and birds.

But, after a while, as it happens with any drug, the body gets used to that hormonal rush, and that’s when our rational part takes over and makes us evaluate if the person we are with is the one that fulfills us.

The same thing happens with the attraction to your leads: there is an initial phase of infatuation in which the person who visits you thinks you are the best and shares your content, and leaves you thousands of comments everywhere.

Then, you have to respond to that infatuation so that when tolerance arrives (and they get used to the value you provide), they realize that you are the right person and become a customer.

Trying to do everything at once is a mistake.

Yes, some people start with everything: blog + youtube channel + podcast + thousands of social media accounts—a suicide for 24 hours a day (and that’s the same for everyone).

And a total loss of focus, which prevents you from shining as an expert in your niche. I’m going to create a blog and a youtube channel, and a podcast altogether.

When you divide your energies and focus not on one thing but several at once, none of them will have the slightest chance of succeeding.

Keys for choosing the right content marketing channel

In short, the ideal is to know which content marketing channel is best for you and your online business. And to find out: I give you a series of keys.


What are you going to talk about, and whom do you want to attract to your content? Maybe if your website is about knitting, a Youtube channel is ideal for illustrating tutorials (even if you have other ways to share videos, such as Instagram stories or Facebook Live).

A tutorial on any tool or cooking techniques or mindfulness exercises can be entertaining, exciting, and of great value to your audience.

On the other hand, if the information is complex, lengthy, or you’re teaching a particular strategy, the content may be better suited to a blog post, where you can organize headings, subheadings, and outlines in a way that’s easier for your readers to understand and consume.

It’s also a much quicker way for the reader to scan the content and see if it interests them or not. In the video, you have to entice with the title and then quickly hook the audience to stay until the end.

If your target audience is people with very little time, maybe your ideal content marketing channel is the podcast. And, in that sense, the perfect format is not too long: between fifteen and thirty minutes, which is the time it takes for a standard car ride.


It would help if you thought about your strengths and weaknesses because you may need to learn things.


You must be able to write well and fast. Spelling and grammar mistakes will detract from your credibility with readers.

In the first year of Lifestyle Squared, I wrote over 1,000 words every day and developed my skills as a copywriter. On top of that, I also spent time reading and studying the posts of other marketing blogs, dissecting what worked for them and applying them to my work.

The blog format has disappointed more than a few people because it can seem like it’s just writing, and that’s it. Everyone thinks that they know how to write and that writing is easy and that it’s a piece of cake, and then what happens with this kind of unrealistic expectation happens.

A post is written to attract and with a clear objective in mind. And a blog requires perseverance and commitment. In addition to:

  • Dedicate an average of about three hours -minimum- a week to creating content and dissemination of the same in networks.
  • Learning about SEO-on-page and copywriting makes readers and Google fall in love with your blog and turn that love into long-lasting love.
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress to be able to edit articles. And, of course, a domain and hosting (I leave you a discount on a highly recommended one) that works.
  • There can be several reasons why your blog doesn’t work for you.

But the vast majority of freelancers close their blogs after a year for lack of consistency and commitment to their project.


If you want to show your face in the video, you have to be very clear about what it means to launch a content channel on Youtube.

You need knowledge in video editing and editing to attract your audience, so although uploading your videos to Youtube is free -and you don’t need to invest in a domain and to host as in the case of the blog-, you do need a small initial investment: a decent camera, a microphone, and spotlights, as well as editing courses if you don’t know how to edit.

You need to develop a script beforehand: just because you don’t have to write doesn’t mean you don’t have to work on the content. If what you say isn’t interesting or doesn’t add value, I’m afraid you won’t hook people. It the same as if your tone of voice is too monotonous. 

This point is a natural consequence of the previous two: you need time -between 4-5 hours a week- to script, record, and edit, as well as broadcast the video.

More info about great content and information. CLICK HERE

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