Boost Business to get 3 Secrets of Grant Cardone

3 Secrets of Grant Cardone to Boost Business

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or have been running a business for many years, the statistics say you’re focusing on survival, not climbing. Grant Cardone is a $300 million billion billionaire whose philosophy and teaching seeks to get you to multiply your business by 10, and I sat down with him to reveal his true secrets to Boost business.

3 Secrets of Grant Cardone to Boost Business

 #1: Can you multiply  or boost  business x 10. That already makes millions of dollars?

The magic formula behind companies that have broken schemes and made billions of dollars is the way they see problems.

Uber, Netflix, Facebook, are not looking to solve a small situation, but something much bigger, that touches millions of lives.

The reality is that “giving 10x” is a metaphor for you to always seek to multiply and above all grow your business; it is not so easy to multiply by 10, 100 million, which implies multiplying 100 thousand.

When you have a business that is starting you always look to “not lose” and when you are established, as a rule, you look to maintain your sales rate, and perhaps improve gradually.

This man went from managing 60 departments to 60,000. What was the strategy behind it?

Small goals are uninspiring: small goals are easy to achieve, but they are also easy to discard. You also don’t get much satisfaction from achieving them.

10x goals stretch your thinking and your actions. Common wisdom points upwards leading to disillusionment, but this thinking is rooted in fear. Setting 10 goals and multiplying your effort 10 times requires a transformation, which is what we all really want in the first place. The greater the potential return, the less likely you are to give up when the going gets tough.

Don’t lower your goal, increase your action. What’s the first thing we do when we stumble on a goal? We lower it. Instead, why not increase your effort? If we are honest in these situations, we would see that we are nowhere near our effort ceiling.

 #2: How to break the deadlock

“I didn’t think about how I could buy thousands of apartments, but think about what companies were already doing it and then ally myself with them.”

The difference between growing and multiplying is in changing the strategy of how you approach growth.

The daily problems will still have you where you are, but if you manage to overcome that and concentrate on how to grow instead of how to keep yourself you will be able to at least perform small actions that will take you from a thousand to a billion.

Relating to people who are making 10 times more income than you is the first step.

Then you start thinking about how to match up, not how to maintain your current level. You start thinking about better problems.

It’s to start by accepting the idea that problems will always be there, but to look for “better problems” every time.

 #3: Webinars.

An as yet untapped revenue stream. Grant Cardone currently charges for access to a “virtual classroom” where the possible reach is almost unattainable if it were a live event.

The system? A webinar works in a way that you stand in front of a computer, turn on your camera, and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing pants or not, because you have so much freedom of location that you could be at home in your underwear teaching a class.

While a live class or workshop would involve expenses to accommodate hundreds or thousands of people in a room for your talk, with webinars all costs are reduced and the scope is virtually unlimited, you can have as many thousands of attendees as you can convene.

Exponential falls short, the sky is the limit. Boost your business now

No matter the investment, your staff, for me the lesson of this is to see the world with other eyes, with “glasses” that make you see what opportunities there are.

Always demand more of you, and force you to raise the bar by relating to people who are getting the results you eventually want to achieve.

Not worrying about your current problems, but taking care of growing in the areas that help you reach your goals, and seeing new uses for the tools that are within your reach.

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