Boost seo in linkedin

Boost seo in linkedin

I will explain what it consists of and how you can appear more times in the LinkedIn search engine results with a few simple changes in the WORDS you put in your profile.

When a potential client searches on LinkedIn related to the services you or your company offer, would you like to appear in the search results? To appear before your competitors?

I’m sure you’ve answered yes, a big YES 🙂 There’s a technique that will help you do that.

There is a technique that will help you achieve this. It is SEO.
What is SEO on LinkedIn?

This strange word … it’s just the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or what is the same, optimize searches within the “machine” (in this case LinkedIn) so that when someone enters that word in the search engine, your profile appears as a result.

SEO is based on techniques to make that “machine” see that your profile is the most relevant for a given search.

Applying SEO strategies is not about advertising but about including specific “keywords” that will make your profile appear in the search results when someone uses the LinkedIn search engine.

LinkedIn is a search engine. It is the place to find professionals and to be seen by them.
Boost seo in linkedin

I’m going to find out how to get found on LinkedIn, thanks to the SEO of my profile.
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How to do SEO on LinkedIn? The importance of words.

The first thing you need to do is to decide which words you want to be found. These words that you have defined are called “keywords.” It is as simple as that.

Boost seo in linkedin: Without keywords, you can’t do SEO on LinkedIn.

Why? Well, if you choose your keywords wrong, no matter how well you rank, your audience won’t find you. So your first exercise will be to define these keywords for your LinkedIn profile.

Suppose I am a lawyer, and I position my LinkedIn profile with the word “Director.” In that case, I will not be found by people looking for a lawyer (even if I am the director of a law firm).

Do you now understand why certain words like CEO don’t help you find your client? or Director? or Founder? or Manager?

If those are the words you have positioned in your profile, those who try to sell to CEOS, Managers, or Founders will come to you…Do you get a lot of aggressive offers in your LinkedIn inbox? Maybe this is the cause…a manager of any kind is a seller’s candy 😉 . The responsibility is yours.

To define a keyword, think about how your customer searches. You can search through tools for keywords related to the words you have chosen.

You can use the SEMrush tool.

This tool has a free trial period, so it will be helpful for this exercise I propose you: the study of the keywords of your LinkedIn profile.

This tool will help you see the volume of searches for your chosen keyword; other words included next to yours in the searches, and phrases related to yours.

Keywords for you on LinkedIn

Boost seo in linkedin

I often recommend my clients choose different types of keywords:

    Those are keywords that will get you found when someone searches for your PROFESSION. For example, here would be the words: "Technical Architect," "Quantity Surveyor," "Site Supervisor," "Architect"...
    Those keywords that will make your audience find you when they search for a specific tool, for example: "Autocad," "video presentation," "3D"...
    Those keywords that correspond to your type of business include training, service, online courses, consultancy, consultancy, marketing...

The number of times you include a keyword on LinkedIn is IMPORTANT.

If you have defined a word as a “keyword,” you have to include it in your profile a certain number of times to optimize the results so that your profile appears when someone searches for it.

Between 15 and 30 times throughout your profile would be a good number.

Therefore, it is essential that you complete the different sections of your LinkedIn profile to have more opportunities to include that keyword.

How do you know how many times a keyword appears in your profile?

It’s as simple as going to your LinkedIn profile on your computer, pressing Command + F (on Mac) or Ctrl + F (if you are using Windows). A search box will open on your computer screen.

In this box, you type your keyword, and it will mark in yellow how many times that word appears in your profile.

In which section of your LinkedIn profile should you include your keywords?

The weight of your keywords is different depending on where you include them in your profile. In other words, a keyword in your professional headline is not the same as a keyword in the body of your experience.

Therefore, you should include the keywords you are most interested in positioning in your professional headline and the headlines of your experiences. Go to your profile and look at the headline of your work experience… you have likely put the position and nothing else ;), right?

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