Boost your new product with marketing strategies

Boost your new product with marketing strategies

No matter how much the communication channels change, the basic concepts of marketing remain the same.

In this post what I want to comment briefly are some Tips on Marketing Strategies regardless if they are offline or online, and what is the best way to reach them.

The first thing we must have clear before creating a strategy is the OBJECTIVES we are looking for with the marketing actions.


Transmit the company’s message. Online or traditional marketing still has the objective of getting your company’s message to the greatest possible number of people.

To position yourself in the consumer’s mind. Another of the objectives of marketing is that your brand or product is the first thing that comes to mind when consumers think of the type of service or product category that your company offers or sells. For example, Apple has made sure that when someone thinks of Mp3 players, the first thing that comes into their minds is the iPod.

Increase sales. All these efforts to create your brand and position yourself in the minds of your potential customers, at the same time, must materialize so that your company’s sales grow considerably.

Other examples of marketing objectives can be: to make new products known, to achieve greater coverage or exposure of the products, etc.


Once we have clear objectives, we must obtain KEY information in order to create correct strategies:

1. Product information. What are the advantages of what you sell? Who does it serve? What do they use it for? How? How often? What characteristics does it have? How is it different from others?

2. Customer Information. Who is he? How old is he? What does he like? What does he do? What studies does he have? How much does he earn? What does he spend his money on? How often does he buy? What motivates him to buy?

3. Competitor Information. Who is he? Where is he? What does he offer? How does he offer it? Who are his customers? What are his advantages? His prices?

This information is very important to have clear before developing any kind of strategy, the more you know about it the better your marketing actions will be.

It is not just a saying that “information is power”, in marketing it is a reality. So don’t stop digging around as much as you can about these three aspects before investing your money in strategies that may not be directed at the right market or in the right way.

Strategies within the product.

The product is the good or service we offer or sell to consumers. Some strategies that we can design, related to the product are

Include new characteristics to the product, for example, give it new improvements, new utilities, new functions, new uses.
Include new attributes to the product, for example, give it a new package, a new design, new colors, new logo.

Expand our product line, for example, sell other products in your stationery store, or include a new type of service in a cosmetic: facials or massages.

Launch a new brand (without having to take out the one we already have), for example, a new brand dedicated to another type of market, for example, one with less purchasing power.

To include new services to the client, that offer greater comfort or satisfaction, for example, to include the delivery at home, the installation service, new guarantees, new facilities of payment, advising in the purchase.

Launch a new product line, for example, if our product is Perfumes for women, we can choose to launch a special series of Soap and Creams for the same market.

Price strategies.

Price is the monetary value we place on our products when we offer them to consumers. Some strategies that we can design, related to the price are

To launch a new product to the market with a low price, so that, in that way, we can achieve a fast penetration, a fast acceptance, or we can make it quickly known.

To launch to the market a new product with a high price, so that, in that way, we can take advantage of the purchases made as a novelty product or to create a sensation of quality.

To reduce the price of a product, so that, in this way, we can attract a greater clientele.

  1. Reduce the price of a product so that we can attract more customers.
  2. Make seasonal promotions, reducing product prices for a limited time.
  3. Make promotions type 2 x 1 or in the purchase of your product receive some extra incentive.
  4. Offer coupons or discount vouchers.
  5. Give gifts for the purchase of certain products.
  6. Exchange products for services or other products that your company requires, such as advertising.
  7. Special prices for distinguished customers.

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