Chatbots and IA on the business world in 2021

Chatbots and IA on the business world in 2021

The importance of chatbots and artificial intelligence in the business world in 2021

Chatbots and artificial intelligence

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Both Alexa, Siri, or Google Home are clear examples of how up-to-date chatbots are today. They are defined as software applications capable of interacting with human life autonomously.

Thanks to the AI level they incorporate, they do not require another human as an intermediary to function.

In recent times, chatbots can perform more optimized and less and less limited functions. Therefore, they contribute to automating different processes for the company related to customer acquisition and guidance.

Through the use of chatbots and artificial intelligence, a direct entry to brand awareness is obtained. In essence, it is a totally personalized service and expansion alternative that minimizes human resource costs and maximizes productivity.

How do chatbots help digital marketing? The outstanding contributions it fosters

Chatbots are destined to fill the digital platforms of the leading business chains. Their functionality, good customer service, and excellent digital marketing will be a guarantee of success.

Responses to the brand

All chatbots and artificial intelligence will be digital encyclopedia to answer doubts. Around a product, there will always be rounds of frequently asked questions that users will need to clarify before becoming loyal.

Promotion and advertisements

One of the significant contributions of chatbots will be the ease with which they will incorporate advertisements and promotions. As a result, they will serve as banners for attracting potential and entirely tangible customers.


In addition to driving a digital marketing campaign, chatbots and artificial intelligence will manage the product catalog. With this possibility, the user gets a fast, secure, and systematized alternative to buying the item he/she needs.

Customer communication management

Answering or solving frequently asked questions will not be the only thing that these chatbots will actively interact. They will also enable the management of all communication aspects of the company about the customer. In short, they are a pillar to increase the company’s performance in less time.

Link with social networks

All chatbots today are linked to the main information centers and social networks. Based on this advantage, they promote the company’s popularity and reputation to the point of making it a trusted brand.

Examples of Chatbots

The chatbot ecosystem has changed for many companies using Digital Marketing, but the goal remains the same: fast, creative, and convenient customer service. That’s why we share with you the best-proven chatbot ideas to help a business initiate meaningful conversations with their potential customers.

World Health Organization (WHO)
First on our list of chatbots is the World Health Organization. Since the start of the pandemic, the WHO became one of the primary sources of information on the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Driven by chatbots and artificial intelligence, the WHO created a bot on WhatsApp called WHO Health Alert to share information related to the pandemic.

National Geographic.
National Geographic’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger allows users to exchange text messages with “Albert Einstein,” explore details of his life and accomplishments and discover his perspective on the March for Science today.

People felt like they were “talking to Einstein” in real-time, in a human and friendly way. Einstein was able to answer professional and personal questions, making users feel connected one-on-one with the bot and, in turn, with the program.

Dominos Pizza.
Dominos decided to bet on chatbots and artificial intelligence to change how we order food, with Dom, the interactive robot to order a pizza. Domino’s chatbot can reorder previous orders, offer a full menu, and track deliveries, all in Messenger. As a result, it has become one of the best chatbots for customer service.

Building the best chatbot for your business

As you develop a chatbot for your business, remember always to maintain a customer-friendly mindset. What problems do they have interacting with your business?

How can your chatbot help them achieve their goals? Then, use the tips and examples above to create a personalized, data-driven, conversational virtual assistant that helps grow your business.

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