Comfort zone: 9 tips for getting out of it

9 tips for getting out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone: We can all be introverted or extroverted, depending on the situation. I know people who can be considered outgoing when they host a party, but when they are invited and do not know anyone, they are very shy, that is a confort zone. As a lecturer and teacher I have become an extrovert to deliver information, but, for example, when I attend seminars I am still very introverted.

So how can you be extroverted in a sales situation when you don’t feel naturally comfortable with it?

I share my tips for getting out of your comfort zone and achieving the long-awaited closure:

Getting out of your confort zone

9 tips for getting out of your comfort zone
confort zone

1. Be passionate.

I get so excited about what I’m selling that I feel the need to share it with the rest of the world. Feeling passionate about your product or services makes you less interested in how others perceive you, since you only care about showing the excitement of what you have to offer.

2. Do one thing you are afraid of every day

It is essential for me to do the things I am most uncomfortable with. You need to have courage and resolve to face your fears, no matter how big they are.

What I was most afraid of was visiting clients or prospects in person. So that’s what I did first every morning to overcome my fear. This required believing in myself and changing my mind about my limitations and possibilities.

3. Be so persistent in getting out of your confort zone until you are criticized for it

In life as in business, especially in sales, you will not be successful if you are never criticized. Follow up with your customers to the point where they complain about it; once they do, keep doing it until they admire you for your persistence.

If you believe in your product, in your company or in yourself, you will be willing to insist so much and accept the risk of being criticized for it.

4. Say hello to everyone who passes by

I’ve made it a point to avoid walking past someone without seeing them or notifying them. I force myself to look everyone in the eye and greet them. This allows me to decide when to be outgoing, whether it is a sales call or some other situation.

5. Consider the differences between people

After a series of unsuccessful calls, it’s normal to start seeing prospects as likely rejects. What you should do is take a moment to observe how people are different from each other.

This will keep you from thinking that everyone will respond the same way to past prospects.

6. Force yourself to be in public

Get out of your home and office to socialize with other people. When I move to a new city, I go to the same place over and over again until I feel comfortable there and meet everyone.

I’ve done this with my kids, taking them to the same store every morning until they can talk to the people who work there.

7. Speak in front of an audience

The best way to feel comfortable talking to other people is to do it in front of an audience. A good idea is to take speaking classes, where everyone is in the same condition as you.

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8. Keep busy

When you’re constantly busy, you don’t have time to feel uncomfortable. You will always have to ask for help and talk to different people on your way to a meeting or event, so the best way to overcome this is to practice the opposite.

9. Help others sell

Every time a few days go by without me making a single sale, I immediately offer to help others make their sales; this helps me think outside of myself.

After several failures to close a sale, many sellers become anxious and introverted. So if you work with someone else’s prospects and feel that you have nothing to lose, you will feel more relaxed and gain confidence again. Once you’ve made a sale to someone else, it’s time to go back to your own prospects.


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