Conversion rate: 6 tricks to increase it

6 tricks to increase the conversion rate

The conversion rate will increase in your business, if you do what you should and measure it. Let’s see what this is about.

1) Make it clear what product you are selling in 10 seconds

Do you want to know if your website really communicates well what product you are selling? Obviously you will be biased yourself, so the easiest way is to ask a friend to take a look. Don’t let him look more than 10 seconds at the screen and ask him the following:

Do they know what your website is about?

What products do you sell?

Do they feel confident enough to give their bank details to buy online?

If the answer is no, we will work with the following points to optimize your online store.

A website should be clear and concise. Only in a second we know what you are selling us, a clear and friendly design and invites us to look for more information about your routes

2) Increase the conversion rate: Design is vital

Dress up your site as if it were a first date

That’s what it’s all about, love at first sight. There’s never a second chance to make a first impression.
Your website may have great content but if it doesn’t have a good image, it won’t succeed in turning visitors into buyers. Just like in life itself.

Your online store should be visually appealing, communicate professionalism, have a clean design and inspire confidence.

Avoid poor quality images at all costs. Your online store is your showcase, you must give a lot of hype to your products, so try to give the maximum quality to the product images.

Less is more: While more concise  is the content, is better.

Use a carousel of images to help you show the product, or give prominence with larger and more prominent photos to your promotions and best-selling products.

For example, Sims 3 improved its conversion by 128% thanks to the redesign of its page.

Thanks to this change, they have a clearer and cleaner design and, above all, they highlight the word “free”.

3)  User-generated content (UGC)

One of your disadvantages is that your customers cannot touch or test the product you sell. At the same time, 60 million photos are shared every day on Instagram and hundreds of people post about your product on the networks.

Are you taking advantage of all this effective content in the buying process?

Thanks to Photoslurp you can show on your website the images of consumers who are posting on the networks about your product. Find out how to integrate UGC into your e-commerce experience and significantly increase your online sales here

4) Make your benefits visible to your buyers

Do your buyers get free shipping, and you return the product if they are not happy?

44% of buyers abandon the purchase process because of shipping costs. If you have advantages for your buyers don’t forget to show them on your website and shout out loud that your customers enjoy these benefits. You can also include them on the top right. This way they will see the phone first to inspire confidence and just below, the advantages you have to buy in your online store.

If your free shipping costs have conditions, try to communicate this on the home page as well so that customers don’t get a final surprise.

Make sure the price of the product is clear from the beginning. If you can calculate the shipping costs from the beginning it will be much better than showing a different final price from the beginning.

Another benefit you should highlight is offers and promotions. Your customer loves promotions and discounts, and especially new visitors. It is important to test what kind of promotions are most attractive to them.

5) Trusted brands

Inspiring confidence is one of the most important factors for the buyer to feel that he can buy through our online store.

One of the ways to achieve this is by using well-known brand logos, for example, by including payment method brand logos in the footer, or if the brand logos of the products we sell.

6) No measure, no control

Don’t make the mistake of posting an offer and leaving it behind. Set some specific dates and analyze the results of your online promotion. Make variable promotions and try them out until you find the right one.

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