Creativity in business: find out how to unlock it

Creativity In Business: Find Out How To Unlock It

Creativity in business

It is no secret that creativity turns out to be elusive for many people.

Fortunately it is possible to turn it into a permanent attitude, applicable to the most diverse areas of human activity.

Creativity is today the condition that constitutes the main competitive advantage of companies. This is especially true in areas as sensitive as advertising, creation of promotions, finding business opportunities, customer service and decision making.

Some people cultivate techniques and skills that allow them to create different businesses, different solutions to everyday problems or much more complex problems… while others are amazed and just keep asking:


In order to expand our capacity to conceive ideas and solutions, we must start by identifying what the barriers are that prevent us from doing so. Let’s look at some of them.

Reasons that prevent us from being creative

  • Having low self-esteem
  • Fear of being wrong and making a fool of ourselves
  • To keep the first idea
  • Take for granted what is known
  • Our limiting beliefs
  • To feel contempt for the difference
  • Low self-esteem

People with low self-esteem also have creative ideas. However, their low level of self-confidence makes them think that their idea is not worthwhile, that it will not be taken into account, that he or she will be made fun of and their idea, etc.

These people are often amazed when they discover another person putting forward the same idea that they thought was insignificant, and surprise, everyone celebrates the wonder of the idea they have just put forward!

Fear of being wrong and ridiculous

Two reasons for the price of one. The absence of a culture of assertiveness and the lack of knowledge of our rights lead to the fear of being wrong.

Our culture led us to the pleasure that comes from “being right all the time” and excelling at it. We do not know the right to be wrong and the power of error. The sweet pleasure of being wrong and contributing to error in order to arrive at what is possibly right.

Sticking to the first idea

The fact that we believe that the first idea is always the best is limiting. Marrying the first answer that comes to mind weakens the other options. When this happens, subsequent ideas are compared with the first one and discarded.

Take for granted what is known.

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s always been done this way”? It is perhaps the most effective phrase to kill creativity and the desire to contribute ideas in companies.

Other phrases that go in the same direction: “That’s the norm”, “we tried that and it didn’t work”, “that works in other types of companies”, “the system doesn’t allow it”, “that costs too much”, “if that were possible, someone else would have invented it”.

Allow me to share the following reading:

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage, in the middle of which they set up a ladder leading to a bunch of bananas, so that every time one of the monkeys climbed up to reach them, the scientists squirted cold water on the remaining monkeys on the ground.

After some time, when one of the monkeys tried to climb up, the others beat him to a pulp, until the time came when none of the five monkeys dared to give in to their instincts, despite the temptation of the bananas.

Then the experimenters replaced one of the monkeys with another newcomer who, as you can imagine, first tried to climb the ladder, but was prevented from doing so by the four old monkeys, who forced him down and beat him up, and continued to beat him up every time the newcomer tried, until the day when he learned his lesson and did not want to go up any more.

And so a second monkey of the old was replaced. The same thing happened with the enthusiastic participation of the first newcomer. And so a third and a fourth, until the group of the first five remained none.

The scientists were left with a group of five monkeys who, even though they had never been bathed in cold water, continued to beat anyone who tried to reach the bananas.

They came to the conclusion that if the monkeys were asked why they behaved in such an unnatural way and were given an answer, the answer would certainly be “we don’t know, it has always been like that here”.

Sound familiar?

I invite you to unmask which are the killer phrases of creativity that are usually used in your company and in your environment.


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