Customer service: 5 ways to have happy customers

Customer service: 5 ways to have happy customers

We all know that customer service is a fundamental pillar of any business or company. But do you know how to provide good customer service, the impact that satisfied (and dissatisfied) customers can have on your brand’s reputation, and which products to sell online are trending and define customer service today? 

This article will answer these questions and introduce you to 5 ways to have happy customers, we hope will help you understand how to improve customer service in your business.

1-What is customer service, and why is it important?

Customer service: 5 ways to have happy customers

Customer service refers to the whole set of actions a company takes to satisfy the needs of its customers. 

These needs occur in every instance where a connection (tangible or intangible) is created between the customer and the company, such as in situations involving queries, complaints, technical assistance, or after-sales service.

 However, this definition only serves as a preamble to a much broader concept.

2-importance of customer service,

Customer service as a marketing tool

Customer service: 5 ways to have happy customers

The role of customer service within a company goes far beyond fast or efficient communication with customers.

 Customer service is a critical cog in the wheel of a marketing strategy, as it helps a company cultivate the customer relationships it has built through various marketing initiatives.

In other words, once your customers have decided to buy your products or services, you must be able to satisfy their needs by providing them with an experience that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and that can imbue your brand with positive emotion. 

This is essential, mainly as much of the success of any business depends on the continued investment and trust that satisfied customers place in the company. 

 3-core values of customer service

All of the actions we take to satisfy our customers’ needs are governed by a value system that ultimately defines not only the quality of your company’s customer service but the very culture of your business. 

If you want to have satisfied customers, you must know the values to help you achieve that goal. 

Here are six characteristics of customer service that you cannot overlook:

4-customer service values

    Good treatment. If you want satisfied customers, you need to establish friendly and courteous communication with your customers. Good treatment is the starting point.

    Speed. In a world where people have no time to waste, speed of service is a fundamental element in winning and retaining customers.

    Convenience. Make sure it is easy to get in touch with your business through multiple channels.

    Responsiveness. Your customers will give you lots of suggestions. Make sure you listen to them and take action to implement those that will improve your business.

    Knowledge. Your customer service should be defined by expertise. People expect to find clear and complete answers to all their doubts and problems.

    Personalization. Every individual wants to feel special. For this reason, it is essential that your customer service is personalized to suit the needs of each customer.

5-Why is customer service important? The importance of customer service in figures

Talking about the impact of customer service in terms of marketing can seem a bit abstract if we don’t quantify the subject. 

For this reason, we would like to share with you some studies that corroborate the importance of customer service in any business reality. 

The following are some of the conclusions reached in a report by Dimensional Research and Zendesk on the business impact of customer service: 

    89% of consumers said that a quick response to an inquiry is critical when deciding which product to purchase.

    97% of people said that poor customer service affects their purchasing decisions. Of this group, 58% stop buying products, 52% switch companies, and more than half talk to others about their bad experience.

    Consumers are more likely to remember bad customer service experiences than good ones.

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