Digital brand positioning: 5 powerful tips for its optimization


How to optimize your digital brand positioning?

We already talked about the importance of your brand being recognized in the online world; now, we are going to tell you how to optimizing your digital brand positioning in 5 points.

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

optimizing your digital brand positioning

1-Segment customers

Before any other step, you must be very clear about who your ideal customer is. Have well-identified their demographic, social, and economic characteristics, tastes, and preferences.

Then, something that will help you know them in-depth is performing the 3D Methodology: Pains, Desires, and Difficulties. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my ideal customer’s PAINS or problems, and how can I solve them with my product or service?
  • What is it that my ideal customer WANTS, wants to get or achieve? What would be the most desirable situation for them to acquire my product?
  • What are the DIFFICULTIES that my ideal customer has not been able to solve?

Once you have done this exercise, you will have a clear idea of how you can solve that problem or need of your customer for which they would be willing to give you their money.

2-Your Product

It might sound obvious that you know what you are selling. Still, sometimes it isn’t easy to define it concretely, especially when it is an intangible good. So here we propose that you pause in your sales process and reflect on the following questions:

  • What is the name of your product or service?
  • How would you define your product?
  • What is the main problem (or need) it solves?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • What benefits does your customer get from purchasing your product?

If it is easy for you to answer these questions in a few words, it means that you have everything obvious, and your sales arguments will be solid. On the contrary, if it was complicated for you, if you can’t find a short and concrete answer to each of these questions, it will be beneficial for you to take the time to think about it and work on it.

It is also important that what you offer to your audience is very well defined. Do not neglect your niche market for wanting to cover many service areas.

3-Value content to position your digital brand

Being clear about what your customer wants and how you can help him get it will be beneficial when contacting him.

Whether you decide to use a website, social networks, or both as a communication channel to make your brand known digitally, it is crucial that the content you show is of value. It provides something new, interesting, innovative, entertaining, etcetera.

Some questions that will help you create valuable content are:

  • What is your goal as a business?
  • Why should your ideal customer buy from you and not from your competitors?
  • Do you know where to find that customer and how to attract them to your account?
  • Would you buy your service or product, and why?

4-Create communities

In the business world, generating strategic alliances is not only desirable but necessary to prosper and position your digital brand.

We highly recommend you to constantly search for people, companies, or organizations that complement your business and help you enhance it. Consider that you should always do it from a dual position, in which both parties will benefit from the alliance (beyond your suppliers).

Here are some ideas to get strategic allies; think about the service or product that would complete your customer’s experience:


Event organization: you can partner with salons, florists, entertainers, musical groups with whom to rent sound equipment.

Baking: home delivery channels, retail stores, event organizers, party rooms, banqueting.

Don’t lose sight of influencers for this point, but if you are looking for that option, make sure it has relevance in your particular sector; consider starting with several small ones before beginning with a big one.

Ask satisfied customers to give their opinion on your page or networks and share those positive experiences.

On the other hand, generating Facebook groups, Telegram channels, WhatsApp groups where you can communicate your expertise will be beneficial to build trust and a good reputation.

5-Human Factor

In everything you do, do not lose sight of the human factor. That is to say, try to give a personalized treatment, respond as soon as you can, and as you would like to be treated yourself.

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