Digital graduations in times of coronavirus

Digital graduations in times of coronavirus

The coronavirus contingency radically changed teaching methodologies along with the tools to offer education in the final stage of the 2019-2020 school year, while for those who finished their studies, the traditional graduation ceremonies and parties had to be cancelled.

Graduations in digital plataforms

Digital graduations in times of coronavirus

“I already graduated but I don’t feel like I have, because since the absence that joined the vacations and then everything was online, something very heavy and that didn’t allow us to learn the subjects properly.

We miss the school, its facilities, we miss our classmates” to the students, with the traditional cap and gown in the delivery of papers along with their other classmates, even the end of career pool party that is used in their school.

It reminds the generations of graduates in other years received a series of surprises in which, as a custom, a mariachi visits the students to graduate and offer them a pleasant time.

In addition, the groups from previous semesters of the Communication career prepared videos and dynamics for those who were about to leave, where they remembered with photographs those unforgettable moments with family and classmates.

“In the last semesters they always take mariachi, they have a farewell pool party, there is a graduation with a cap and gown together with the classmates, something that we cannot do now.

The students of the first semesters do jobs for the eighth graders, they make us many surprises and I would have loved to have lived all that”. Although there were groups that did not do any activity to say goodbye to their classmates.

. The way of making graduations has changed in the times of the covid, because the use of digital platforms has had to replace the face-to-face ceremonies. However, this has not prevented children and young people who are finishing a stage of their studies from imprinting creativity at the end of their courses.

The taking of individual photo sessions, with cover mouths and decorations typical of graduations have become an option “Nobody was prepared for this situation and for us as students it means a lot because you spend it studying, you want the time to say your man and the word graduate.

Chinese college graduates celebrated their graduation in digital format

BEIJING, Jun 21 (Xinhua) — 88.6 percent of new Chinese college graduates celebrated their graduation in digital format in the midst of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, according to a recent survey.

The graduates surveyed celebrated the event by recording graduation videos and watching graduation ceremonies online, according to China’s Youth Daily.

“This year’s graduation was a special and unforgettable experience for me,” Zhang Hanqi (nickname), a Beijing graduate, told the newspaper.

“Although I was not able to say goodbye to my teachers and classmates in person, and could not make one last visit to the campus as a student, this feeling of sorrow gave me a greater appreciation for campus life and engraved these youthful memories deep in my heart,” Zhang added.


About 64.5 percent of the respondents think this year’s graduation is especially important, while 68 percent of them report that, as a result, they are more appreciative of the people around them.

To reduce the risk of infection, universities across the country have adopted an unprecedented graduation format to ensure that students can complete their studies as planned, according to Shu Man, a researcher at East China Jiaotong University.

Both students and universities have shown great ingenuity and have gone so far as to organize personalized graduation activities, which is a new experience for graduates and an opportunity to test their creativity, Shu said.

Of the 2,505 respondents, 52.3 percent were men and 47.7 percent were women.

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