Digital transformation: change or disappear

Digital transformation: change or disappear

Change or disappear

The digital transformation is essential for all companies: small, medium and large. It is essential to carry it out in order to remain relevant and competitive as the world becomes increasingly digital.

Today, the ability to align products, operations, sales and marketing with a “primarily customer-centric operating model” determines a company’s success.

The digital transformation is a fact, not an option. To digitally transform operations and customer experiences, companies apply technology to these parts of the business, ensuring that they are customer-oriented and knowledge-driven.

Let’s look at it in an example:

We have two software license distributors.

Distributor 1 has a website where they talk exclusively about their business, have eye-catching marketing campaigns and presentations with success stories. The sales team has a lot of marketing material to sell the software.

Distribuidora 2 has a less flashy site but allows users to download a free ebook about the benefits of using a software in the cloud and how it can improve productivity in your business. They promote the ebook through social networks and other portals.

Downloading the ebook takes less than a minute. A couple of days later, the sales team contacts the person who downloaded it and starts a conversation about your business challenges and how their team of experts can help you.

Who do you think has the best sales strategy?

Logically that of Distributor 2. Distributor 1 can be a very good company, but if you don’t act like Distributor 2 you are not going to be better than them.

Points to consider in the digital transformation

First of all, we must internalize that we need to change to adapt to the new digital era, this is the first step, if we do not have it clear we do not advance.

We find two types of companies generally, the traditional ones that say that their business does not have to be transformed and those that have already created a good web, have their social networks, app and their team publishes and exchanges information on the net.

In both situations these companies have to incorporate changes to go into the digital transformation, one is closer than the other but both need it.

Within the digital transformation, apart from the web, having a presence in social networks, apps, etc., it is necessary to bear in mind that the purpose is to be able to attend to the new digital client and for this purpose the following points must be covered:

Digital products and ideas.

Employees trained for the digital era (obtaining and accessing information, collaborating, sharing, attending to customers digitally).

Digital operations. This is necessary to better connect with customers, offer new models of engagement and thus transform their experiences. The digital transformation has to start by changing the way the business operates at different levels.

Who are the digital customers?

Customers have high expectations, and if your company can’t meet them, they will change to the company that can.

You have to take into consideration personalization, a digital customer will buy more from a company that recognizes him by name, has his purchase history and knows he likes it and therefore offers personalized recommendations.

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