Domain name Successfully protected in 5 tips

Successfully protect your domain name in 5 tips

A domain name is one of your company’s most important assets, but are you doing everything you can to protect it?

Imagine that you have a website that receives thousands of visits and through it you receive most of your income per month, and suddenly one day you can no longer access it. This situation could cause your company to go bankrupt in a very short time.
To prevent this from happening to you, I will explain how you can protect your brand name

Domain name Successfully protected in 5 tips

Main risk factors of your domain name

  1. Expiration of the domain name.
  2. Domain name theft
  3. Inaccurate or outdated registrar contact information.

8 actions to protect your domain name and prevent you from losing it

1_Make sure your domain is registered under your name or company

It may sound absurd, but there are companies that have successful sites, which represent almost 40% of their sales, but their domain is not registered in the name of the company (or the owner).

There are cases in which they delegate the hiring of a domain to third parties, they register the domain name in their name and this can have serious consequences for the company.

When this individual leaves the company, a name right dispute can be generated, and in the end, the one who registered the domain name will have the advantage.

Check who your company’s domain name is in the name of, for this you can contact your hosting provider.

2_Register your domain name with a reputable company

There are dozens of companies on the Internet that offer web domains, many of them at very low prices. The problem is that most of these companies do not have a good reputation to back them up.

The most convenient thing is to register the domain name with companies that have been in the market for years and already have enough experience.

The fastest, most convenient and safest method of registering a domain name is with a few hosting providers, they will take care of the whole process and will give you advice on its administration.

Buying the domain with these providers is easier and you can take advantage of some offers.

Just make sure you choose the right hosting provider, remember it’s not worth putting your company name at risk to save a few bucks.

Here you can access to know Which are the Best Hosting

3_Block your domain name to prevent it from being transferred

A domain transfer or a registry lock ensures that no one can transfer your domain name to another registrar, either accidentally or deliberately.

Depending on your registry’s options, this locks your domain name to that registrar and protects your name against domain kidnappers.

Normally, registrars allow you to transfer to another account if they also use the same company.
Before doing so, I recommend that you check with your registrar for specific information on policies and procedures.

4_Use a secure registration password and safeguard it

Your company’s domain password should be treated with the same care as your bank account password.

Otherwise, you could allow someone else to access the domain names, which could then be unlocked and transferred to another server.

There are many methods for creating secure passwords, but the best advice is to create a very long password.
It can be a phrase or expression that you can easily remember, I recommend that you add capital letters and some numbers.

5_Keep an eye on your company’s domain renewal periods

Every domain has a certain life cycle. From the date of hiring until the site expires and needs to be renewed. Once this expires, the registrar gives us one last chance not to lose the domain which consists of 3 stages:

  • The Period of grace:

It is the lapse of time that grants the registrar of the domain to which it has contracted the domain, so that this one can contract it again, by means of a renovation. It usually lasts for a period of 45 days

  • Redemption period:

Once the period granted for the rehire is over, the domain is totally out of service and enters a redemption period. This usually lasts for 30 days

  • Pending deletion:

At the end of the redemption period, the domain is waiting to be definitively deleted from the registry. This usually takes 5 days.


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